Broken hearts are never healed. They haunt us for a lifetime even if we find someone else. Our past teaches us lessons that make us more aware and more human. Why then do we feel so hurt knowing it can only get better? Break ups are never easy, but writing poems help the healing process.

Breaking up with someone you care about is one of the toughest decisions any of us will ever have to go through. Dealing with the pain and heart break is never easy. We just have to live the days as they are set out and not live in the past.
SweetLana123 SweetLana123
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1 Response Sep 20, 2012

<p>Simple and true. May I add that if you learn from your past and try not to repeat those things that brought about such pain, it may help in your wisdom of finding a long lasting union..<br />
My best to you and your writings. I am now dealing with by far the worst broken heart I have ever had and I find my poetry and writing to be full of information and learned greatness at I would call a price almost to high to pay, but pay we must. Please take my prayers and blessings for all that you have and will do in this life. Best Always</P>