On A Cup Of Coffee

I have a boyfriend for almost 6 years and what's make me sad is he's not spending any time to me at all. Currently I don't have a job I resigned in my previous one because of the complicated schedule coz I wanted a perfect schedule for us so I can spend time with him, but he's not making any efforts at all.

One day I applied to an insurance company, but I failed the exam, I always do sometimes not just the exam but also the interviews, it was so depressing. To forget all my burdens and sadness I went to the my favorite place called BGC when I'm there it feels like everything's change ,everything is perfect all my sadness had gone, I've always wanted to bring my boyfriend there for him to feel what I feel on that place, but he doesn't want to. "What were you thinking?" a guy asked me, I was surprised because no one approach me like the way he did, because in fact I'm not pretty art all. " I was just looking around." I told him, and I move my feet to walk away from him, because I'm very loyal to my boyfriend. oops what was I thinking? This guy don't like me duh, he's just asking me. "I saw you and you were like in doom , what's wrong?"the guy asked me again, " I failed again!!"I answered , I'm surprised because I did answered to him," Job hunting?"he told me , then I nod, " D you want to eat.?" he asked me, what???did he just asked me to eat ?and Oh My God that's my favorite restaurant, and I do love eating....."I'm sorry I don't know you yet and besides I'm not hungry" I told him, " I know you need someone to talk to, how about a cup of coffee?" he told me and grab my hand , I blushed because I never felt this way after 6 years. then we heard my stomach made a noise, oops I'm hungry. then he smiled.as we enter the restaurant he told me to wait on the table., while his away I'm counting on my money and I tried to look the price of the coffee in menu, I sigh it means my money is still enough. Then later on when he got back there were a lot of stuff on his tray 2 plates of pasta and 2 frapuccinos, OMG how much are all of this, " Why did you order this things?,I can't pay all of this stuff?" I told him, the he laughed " Don't worry it's my treat" He told me I blushed again for the second time. Truth is I'm really hungry, and guess what I ate all the thing he ordered for me. " I'm glad you liked it." he says, I smiled because I'm very comfortable with him. We talk for long hours and we talk about my boyfriend and other stuff. and we notice that we need to go home. Oh I forgot to ask his name...:(
MicahPinela MicahPinela
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Good for you. If you don't like the way your Bf treats you...you have to leave. For your own happiness. You deserve it.

Sounds like a good guy !

He is, we'll see if we still meet

Oh Wow Micah! Did he ask for your number? What a sweet story. I know you're loyal to your bf, but I'm wondering if he really appreciates you? What would he say if you told him what happened? It sounds as if he's taking you for granted...He should want to join you at your favorite restaurant at least.

Yah I felt the same way, he didn't get my number well if that mysterious guy is the right guy for me There will be a way for us to meet.