To My Dearest.

Even though my feelings can be correct,
We will work through this together,
through thick and thin, lows and highs,
through the sunny days and the gloomy nights,
through time and space,
we will get through,
My love,
you are as nice as flowers,
as sweet as honey,
as warm as the sun,
you’re special to me,
you mean more than anything in the world to me.

Never give up hope,
as there is always light ahead,
though the darkness in between,
in the road in front of us,
where far ahead is brightness,

I see you in my future,
my love is so strong it makes me feel you are my future,
whatever is ahead, I will take it on.

This time, I promise you,
I will stay with you,
through everything and anything,
and be there and support you,
forever and always,

I Love You.
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Sep 21, 2012