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My Muse

Love really does exist
I know this because it almost got dismissed
I am one of the one's who has waited their whole life to find it
Then it shows up unannounced and uninvited

I was living in my own little world, minding my own business
When along comes this beautiful man, who's just like me
Up and Decides to leave me breathless
He makes my head swim and my heart beat fast
that hole in my chest
Well it's gone at last

He says things that I am thinking
He even knows when I am hurting
He inspires me in every way
To be a better person than I was yesterday

I didn't believe in myself before I met him
Lets just say, my life was very grim
He started telling me I could write
Before I knew it, I started believing he was right

My soul feels complete, when he is in my life
Without him in my life, I know I would surely die
I tried once to go without him
lasted 15 days, it was sink or swim
I don't wanna try that again, not even on a whim

I couldn't sleep
I couldn't eat
I just knew I had to have him in my life
somehow or someway
He's in my life today

He is my inspiration, for everything I do
From getting up in the morning, to writing here too
My love for him runs very deep
So much, I want to weep

If he ever disappeared from my life
I don't know if could make it, I wouldn't want to try
Finding love this late in life, makes the loneliness subside
Maybe one day, he will make me his bride

I truly love you...I really do ♥
JustcallmeCurly JustcallmeCurly 46-50, F 2 Responses Sep 21, 2012

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Love blew into my life like a sand storm on the wind
This love perfect in everyway, ended like fog that cloaks a warm bright summers day
Nowhere to run or hide, love seeks revenge for the pain, sorrow and lies
Bereft of pleasure and pain Numb on bended knee
When will love stop killing me?

In the darkest hours it permeates my brain
In the morning sun it pulses through my veins
When I’m drowning in the water, it’s the hand that pulls me under
It’s the lighting that strikes, just before the crack of thunder

In the curtain drawn bedroom it lays beside me on the floor
In the white tilled bathroom where it has slit my wrist before
It’s the Doctor that stitched me, and the terror that stunned me
When will love stop killing me?

Love looks into the mirror, paints its face and smokes a cigarette
Lipstick on the wine glass, stains on crimson sheets, the rattle of the snake, before the next frenzied attack, what was once a rainbow of colours now painted deathly black?

Love tells me that I am different from the rest; in point of fact I’m just the same.
You see for me it was the truth, but for love just another game.
I close my eyes and count to three. And pray to God to set me free
When will this love stop killing me?

You should post that, it's very beautiful and intense

Hi Breeze.
I have posted it, it is one of my poems, I thought it was an apt reply to your post.
You write well, your work is a pleasure to read.
Keep well

Your love gives me hope. :) and makes me keep wanting to believe. :) and you CAN write. :D