There's The Spark

I want to share my love story, how me and my boyfriend met. Well It's kinda simple but sweet, and he's actually my first boyfriend.

I'm 18 years old that time, the main reason why I don't have any boyfriend or any experience at all because I was fat before sophomore year in my college, but then since were going to have a swimming class I tried loose some weight and voila!!! I loose 40lbs. My friends told me since that I'm no longer fat or shall I say obese they think I'm going to have a boyfriend now. But no, I d have suitors but there's no spark at all. Then one day my friend Erika introduce my other friend Yana to her childhood friend Ed, they were texting actually, I am very happy for her because me and my friends were all Hopeless Romantic Girls haha. Until the time came Erika says she' invited Ed on our Saturday night Hang out, Yana was so nervous because they haven't even met yet, and me I'm excited on what he looks like. Then he came, he looks cute. We are surprise because instead of talking to to yana I'm the one his talking to, but Yana is very ok with it. Starting from that day, he aways visits me and we are going out. I never felt this happiness before it was like I'm floating in the air , and there really a spark when I'm talking to him, after 3 weeks. He asked me while we are playing Uno cards at home " Can you be my girlfriend?" Oh My God it's the first time I heard those words from a guy, and it's like heaven :) , but of course I said yes because I really like him a lot...
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That is so beautiful. I went thew school with out any girl friend, very lonely. My life has completely changed. I have met the love of my life.
I met her when I was 54, just turned 55.
Me & my love had to go threw what we went threw to be where we are. If that makes any sence.
So I believe you have your life and you have to go threw your stuff to end up where you are suppose to be. I always believe in happy ends.

Yes you are right everyone does have a happy ending, you just don't know when is the right time.

Yes we don't know when is the right time. So I trust my heart to tell me, that inner voice.