Me Deeply In Love.....

Me deeply in love.Is it possible?....yes it is now I know. My world feels empty when you're not talking to me. I need you so badly that it gets to the point where it feels and hurts me with your silence. I swear I did not know love was this way. I knew it was strong, but I never thought It could be this much. I never imagined Such a strong feeling was even possible. Every single thing reminds me of you.Wherever I see , I see you only my mind and heart is full with your picture. I can't stop thinking about you, no matter what. I imagine what you would do, as foolish as it may sound. I imagine how you'd wrap your arms tightly around me, Bring me closer to you and kiss my lips with your tender and soft pinkish wet lips, or even deeply and passionately. I would love it, since they're your lips after all. I can't wait to hear my name whispered in my ear by your lips.Now and then I check messages if its from you. I long to hear your voice. What will it sound like? I need to see the way you will look at me. How will it be? Will your eyes hold love and adoration for me as mine do for you? I need to know.
chandforu chandforu
31-35, M
1 Response Sep 21, 2012

I am feeling the same, I still love him, my heart just beats only for him. He is everyday in my dreams, praying and wishing to come back to me someday :(

have faith.surely he will come back.
best wishes

Thanks I hope so :)