Do I Have A Problem Or Is It Normal?

I know that I don't need a boyfriend and I know I shouldn't jump into anything quickly but I can't escape that feeling, I keep feeling like I want to give someone my love I want to love someone and be loved back. Am I just getting this feeling cause I don't get much love from my family or is it normal? I want to fall in love and love someone a lot but I think I'm just one of those girls a guy wants as a friend and it's frustrating. I don't wear make up but my friends say I have a nice body and really nice hair. I want a boyfriend but I want one that'll love me back it's probably just hard to find but I don't wanna end up being single until 20 or something. How the hell do adults find other adults?! Do they go clubbing cause most of the guys who go clubbing are usually ********. And there are some really nice guys at my school but I'm friend zoned so much and the guys I like can never take a hint so what do I do? I don't feel horny or anything I just wanna love someone I don't wanna turn out like anyone in my family I want a relationship :(
Tabithaaa Tabithaaa
18-21, F
2 Responses Sep 23, 2012

id love to give you friendship and lots ov hugs :):)

You are a lovely young girl dont rush into anything ,you will soon find that the boys start to take an interest in you, you will even notice that older men (as myself) ar very interested in in a nice young girl :)

That doesn't really answer my question though.