Feeling Something Special ... That I've Neveeeer Felt

Ok.. Im a Lesbian , I just got out a relationship 4 monthes ago. Me and my ex relationship was the craziest year and a half , needless to say a waste of time.. I was being accused of things i never did , I couldnt get up in the middle of the night to even use the bathroom without getting questioned... i worked and came home evryday cooked did it all , i hated my job .. you would think you could go home to peace .. nope not there i had to argue coming in the door because I was 5 min late from the regular time i get home.. sorry i cant conduct traffic.. smh ... .. every moment was shared with her literally every freaking moment .. Needless to say I was never Happy ... soooo I left and boy ooooh boy i have never been so happy in my life sheeesshhhhhh... ok so to the point,i have done the dating scene years ago and still seem as tho its still not much out here ,wasnt looking to jump back into nothing any way, I so happen to meet the beautiful dominate women talk a couple of times went on dates she was everything Ive been looking for all my life a professional , has everything going for herself a real woman and she is 6yrs older than me, is a plus I dont like to date my age range Im 25 by the way , anyway she's a positive , romantic, funny , caring , loving, and motivating individual.. we have been dating for 2months now and This was soooo unexpected... but boy oh boy the feeling she gives me is like no other .. she treats me like a queen .. I have never felt this way before .. and it feels great I just wanna cry tears of joy when Im around her .. we made a pack that we will not have sex yet we want to get to know each other on another level first .. sooo the nights of us just holding and kissing each other are soo beautiful... .. Wht is this???? Is this Love?? i dont want her to think Im moving to fast but im sure she feels the same way I do.. what do you guys think?
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I think you are great . You have found something that make you happy . In the end , happiness is what you wanted  . Go ahead girl ! For me , I just wonder how you guys get stimulation in your love making . Please tell me .

lol it's a chemistry thing , of course we use toys and other awesome things ,, but if you really love and care for some one .. just the kissing and hugging makes you melt ...

by the way thanks