When Clouds Touch The Ground

On a cool days night, early like dawn and dusk combined, we sit as if stone, watching the tides roll in and out. A twinkle of green and blue reflect off the shimmer of the waters edge. I wisper-'are we here'? The answer comes at no less than an hour later-' I am not sure'. You see, it is the clouds we ride on in our daily lives that gives us the ability to come down from the sky and touch the ground and say hello to life and its mission for us. We ask ourselves often are we here yet, as a child ask a parent, are we there yet. I feel we can answer that question, but only when the clouds touch the ground and we are a part of there sky. To feel the dampness and coolness of that reality gives us a chance to ask those questions of where are we and are we there yet. You are able to smell the waters edge and see the light as it goes from left to right, in and out of focus. The mystery lies in when the clouds rise and you are left alone to ask yourself- did I just come down from those clouds or was I merly shaking hands with myself at the waters edge. You will know when that time has come and when again the clouds touch the ground once again!
bajayates bajayates
41-45, M
Sep 24, 2012