Grass Is Green With Blue Inside

As winds blows on the fields and carries with it sounds of laughter and love, I too wish for the wind to carry me off too feel its strength and swiftness. Can one really know the hard edge of a mans sickle as it cuts the grass of his life. Now, I often sit and ask the questions I was either to scared or to proud to ask before. Can we find the inside of a heart of another? Can we find the inside of a life that is so close yet miles from us together? I do not know the answer. I do know that it is possible to share things and places and ideas with someone that is not physicaly close but is touched just the same. Fantasy is a story while reality is a game. We find that heart and what is inside only to find both. Maybe we should listen to that wind again and again and feel it calling our name. The laughter it spoke of to us or the love it carries away from us. Like the grass in the field and a child running to catch the wind but never can. We find ourselves running to catch love, laughter is what we find. The laughter of the wind as it passes us by. laughing because it knows the secret that you can never catch love because like the blades of grass who can never move to catch the wind, that blade of grass like you, is blue inside.

- This is a story of broken hearts everyware that know the feeling of being so out of touch with what they knew so well once. Try as we do, but fail everytime to recapture that wind of laughter and love as we run to catch what we have lost! Saying goodbye is not healthy so i just say until next time-
bajayates bajayates
41-45, M
Sep 24, 2012