I Love You

Do you? I have watched so many relationships fail and it comes down to ego. Love is infinite pure respectful and neverending in the universe. It is out there. It is real. Love is not buying you fancy cars,rings or extravagant weddings. Love is not sex but lovemaking because you know she or he is the most special person in the world and you can go through anything together work it out and wake up in the morning knowing that it still exists .
Love is not I love you or just a word. It comes from the heart and only knows how to give . It gives life to starving children, to your family your lover and society as a whole. It feels good.
The problem is when we only see love as a way to get what we want. It is selfish and you know your soul mate was not and the words I love you were nothing because true love not ego based love always brings beauty into our lives
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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Well said!