What Is Love?

Apparently, I have no idea anymore because I lost mine long ago. No, not a person. But the meaning of love. Love is something that does not register in me anymore. When I thought I had it, I never had it at all and everything else?
If love is out there I wish it would find me. I know **** don't work like that but after your emotions get toyed with for 3 years, it kind of sucks.
I know what I want.
I know what I will never have.
I want my other half.
I know they're out there.

I know that I have feel in love with someone I haven't met yet...
SecretSpirit SecretSpirit
22-25, F
2 Responses Sep 25, 2012

First off you have to love yourself,warts and all,then as you go about your life you will discover when you least expect it that love happens.Hang on a mo take time to enjoy yourself before you get tied up with this emotional thing,but love yourself is the first thing!

I found an answer to your question in the Bible! Don't worry - not trying to convert you. Try 1 Corinthians 13: 1 - 13. However, I was had a rather self-centred partner who used this in totally the wrong way because some RE teacher had wrongly given the impression that this was kinda' like a check list, and something you can criticize people for if they fall short. I think the real intention is that this ought to be what two people strive for in their relationship. That way, at least you have a start point to discuss problems in communication that emerge in many situations, and you have a reference point to discuss where maybe people can improve. The fact it is in the Bible kinda' lends it credibility and a sense of being neutral so that you don't feel that a strong willed partner is trying to get one over and swing the relationship into a more one-sided style. Pesonally, I cannot abide not talking for unnecessarily long time periods, especially when relatively trivial issues begin to affect holidays, and everyday happiness because of it. Which is pretty much where I am at just now.