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Want Me

You are so rich,

Forget and forgive;
Run into my hair,
Nest there,
You are not alone anymore.

"I remember that," said Laura looking at the metal plank with carved words on it. "You sent me this poem after first month of our anniversary," she continued. "It was 20 years ago. Fall..... I was 27 and so much in love with you. Seems like it was yesterday. Whole day telegrams were coming every hour one after the other with the same words. I just could not understand what and why should I forget and forgive. I was so worried that you would leave me."

"My father did the same to my mother," replied Paul. "She told me once that it was the most beautiful thing which had ever happened to her. She said that, she knew instinctively that day for sure that she would be with my father forever."
“Destiny”,a small holiday ship was slowly passing by Hudson River. It was a late afternoon. Just like a lazy sunny Indian Summer day. They were only the two of them with the crew on the boat. They were sitting sank in light  at the back on the open deck.

"Why did you call me here?" She asked and continued,"I had to cancel all my life in London. I just made myself disappear in 2 hours and nobody knows where I am."

"New York never sleeps just like my love for you," he answered.

"Then it was your career," she started again. "New books. New promotions. And your readers. We really spent together only a few months and I wanted you so badly."

"You are always on my mind, Laura," said Paul and added, "First thing in the morning and last thing before I go to sleep. Everything what I wrote was about you. Do you remember this from Alchemy of words? I wrote it while thinking of you."
Shawn walked quietly into the main chamber. North Bay castle was rising from the darkness into the morning brisk. War with Demigods was over. Almost 2 years on the road came to an end. Many accomplished masters vanished in the battle. Only the strongest survived. The spell of Diamond Way remained unbroken. Compassion over the violence finally brought peace to the Land Of Spirits. Shawn came closer to the fireplace and stretched his hands over the flames.

"You are still waiting," he said looking into the face of sun.
"Yes, my Master. I never stopped for a second," replied Amber drowned into darkness.
"Did you cry?" Shawn asked.
"I carried on, as you told me to," answered Amber.
"Do you understand that I can see every iota of your thoughts and your true nature?" He asked again disappointed.
"You always do," she whispered quietly.
"I felt every tear of yours in my heart and heard each song calling me for early come back home," said Shawn placing his hands over the fireplace and hiding his head in his arms. "It was quite difficult to focus," he whispered.
"My apologies, Sir," said Amber.

"Is everything the same way as I left?" He asked after a while looking again into the flames.
"Yes Sir." She replied. "Nothing was changed and everything was carried on."
"Why is there a new lock in the stable?" He asked. 
"I had a vision where I saw a broken lock and how it caused disturbances which is why I ordered for replacements," replied Amber.
"What happened to your eyes?" He asked.
"When the battle in Grave Yard began, I heard the voice telling me that you will be tempted by Omniscience Dakinies and would be killed," answered Amber. "Without your permission, I practiced inner and outer Tantra to change the outcome of battle and I lost my sight. My eyes are dull but I can change that."
"No you can’t. You know that. You disobeyed but your intention was pure," announced Shawn. "You should not suffer for that." 

He inserted his finger into the fire, tied flame around it and said, "Wo sh na a ta."

"Thank you, my Lord," she whispered.

"Now you can see future, past and present with no obstructions. Make good use of it," he told her touching his head.
"What about the hair?" He asked again.
"I washed my hair in the morning mist and tied them up thinking that it would please you," replied Amber.
"You are always pleasing me," he replied. "Your wisdom was all the time present with me. Come into my light as I want you to feel the joy of our victory. The war is over. So, you can leave the protective circle." 

He spread his hands over the fire surrounding it saying," Al sha nan tah."
"Yes, my Master, love is what protects us, love is my Master," she repeated after him and bright light filled all the space.

"Help me take out the armor. I am tired of protecting myself," asked Shawn.

She stood behind him and slowly, very gently started untying  all the knots, washing all the spells and carving into his skin, restoring youth mantras.

"So many scars! My love," she said trying to stay calm.
"War is not a walk in the park, my Princess," said Shawn and continued, "But the Diamond way - the Way of Compassion prevails. We absorbed all the hatred and anger and responded with love and compassion. They had no chance but to surrender. Even the darkest soul craves for love. I did that fearlessly knowing that you will appreciate my effort for our better future and new life which would come soon to our family."
"Yes, my lord," said Amber. 'I am deeply touched with what you did.'
"I want to see you now the way I like the most," said Shawn and turned towards her. She appeared naked in front of him.

They were adjoined together in the lotus position searching each others eyes. Face to face. Chest to chest. Thighs to thighs.
"I missed you Princess, so much!" Shawn muttered after awhile. "Your voice, your smell, your touch. The way how you eat, comb your hair, walk, sit, and smile. I missed everything. I saw you everywhere. Every day was like torture without you. Kiss me. Kiss me more. Pour your kisses on me. Let me disappear in your softness. I feel like home. I feel am home again. How did you miss me?"
"You never left, my Lord," replied Amber. "You were with me all the time. I was talking to you all the time doing my daily chores. Asking you how things should be done, asking you how they should be done the way you want the most. Listening to your advises. Pleasing you.... She was crying for you all the time. She wanted you to be inside, filling her completely. She was waiting and waiting and crying all the time. I felt incomplete. I could not find my own place. I was lost without you."

Flames were dancing all around. The space was filled with colors, changing constantly and bringing new understandings. All around just disappeared. They were hanging in the air pleasing and teasing, inspiring and admiring, eating each other and feeding each other. They were diving in each other and immersing in one another as if in fresh water. They were tying and untying, mixing and exchanging, pressing into each other and letting it go in the most unexpected and desirable way. Their arms and hands and lips were traveling and exploring and loving. In the end, he whispered in her ear," I love you. I love you, Spark!"

"I remember everything you wrote," said Laura. "Your words gave meaning to my life. The book was the best seller. You left for 6 months on the tour to promote your new baby and I did not see you at all."
"I talked to you every day," replied Paul.
"Yes. You were away for sure," she said. "I remember when we met for the first time, you spent 3 weeks with me. You had me at the first night and next I felt like I have nothing to offer. Do you know that all these years - from the day one I was on pills waiting that maybe today is the day when you would show up? I wished to be ready all the time when you wanted me. You wanted my body. That is all what I have and I gave it to you all. And when you got tired, you moved on. It lasted 3 amazing weeks and in the end, I found a message on the napkins by my bed.- Sorry! I have a meeting with the readers in Vienna tomorrow. I will call you."
"I wrote - Forget and forgive - because I wanted apologies for the future," said Paul, "for all the pain which I will possibly cause you."
"No worries," said Laura. "It was worth it. I wouldn't miss anything."
"There was nobody else all the time, only you" Paul said looking in her eyes.
"Hmm", she said smilingly. "Anyways, honestly  what am I doing here?"
"I rented this ship because I would like to ask you something." said Paul.
"What is that?" asked Laura.
"Would you marry me?"

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Colourful. Powerful. Emotional. Did she say yes? Of course. She would be lost without him. Thank you, Peter. For this small, sweet bliss! kissessssssssssssssssssssss....And smiles. xxx

Beautiful story, you're an excellent writer

I was in love I wrote it.
I am in love I will write more.
Love is the biggest source of my inspiration.
Thank you.

Love is great at inspiring and motivating. It makes me want to write. But I can never get my feelings on paper quite the same and as beautiful as they are in my head.
You're welcome. I look forward to reading more of your writing

I think in this case practice make a master.
If you would try write a least 3 short stories per week I am sure that after 6 months you would master it. Plus each time is getting better and better.
Thank you.

I like this alot. I think there is still a little editorial needed in the style but it is a beautiful story

Thank you.

I will copy and edit, with your permission. There are benefits to studying English to Masters' level.

Sure. Of course.
Thank you.

Is all the time spent waiting, a waste? Doesn't have to be, as you so beautifully illustrated.

You never waste time when you are in love. Just my opinion. You learning a lot about yourself when you wait and love. And when you are in love you are never alone. Your love is with you all the time.
Thank you.

What more could anyone ask for. That kind of love.......... and guess what? My real name is Laura !! Hmmmmmmmm........

Sounds interesting.

nice story...


A really beautiful story. I, being in love, can especially sympathize with the woman, who gives and does everything for her love but gets hurt because she thinks she's losing him. If only my story would have such a happy ending! <3

I am sure it will.

you are an eloquent writer....this made for a beautiful, stirring read...

Nice. So kind of you. Thank you.

A great read, I loved the part where Amber and shawn joined together in unison in love, beautifully written, great depth of expressions and emotion shown your writing:)

Hm. I am honored. Thank you for every word.

it was sad for the was like she lost everything, except one fact..she loved and your message made her was the last nail in the was turmoil for her think how she let herself give up an abandoned ship..sailing with no mast..very sad..the proposal is not enough for the agony of loss..she suffered..unknown tommorow....

Hm. Yes she suffered and she loved and as she said it was worth it and she would not change a bit of what happened to her.

I know..but I would not believe her words..the proposal was a consolation prize.but..look at this way..happy an arm broken and heart bled..but what are medical teams for..yesss.recovery..hmmm

When she lost her side crying after him he heal her and let her see all. I know her and I trust her words with out any doubts.

I am happy..that you trust her..and her words too..
may you two find togetherness that joins heart and soul
two people maybe visible,but it is one..thats what I am told :))

Being as one that is what make the dream real.

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this was amazing i write a lot of storys like this.
actually i have to big boxs full of notebooks

Good. It took me 47 years to get to this point. But I am sure that your stories are great. I appreciate your comment the most. I remember when I was your age and how much what i read meant to me. You are my future I have no doubts. Thanks for your words.

A book in the making... it is clear you put much care and thought into this!

Thank you for friendly advice. I will.


I hope it will become a book.

i needed to read this one and let it simmer in my brain before i commented. The mix of the story within a story was lovely. How he used it to express his feelings for her. I love the eternal hope. Holding on for all of those years, trusting in the love. Life gets in the way, things keep us from those that we wish to be bound to. But Love and the belief in it is what keeps us holding on. Knowing that one day we will be like this couple, happily wrapped in each others arms with the world outside unable to get to us.
Thank you for sharing such depth, and hope and love. It has helped me in a dark moment to remember to look to the light, step out of the shadows and to trust in love.

Love is what protects us, love is my Master !!!

A need a girl ****

Meaning ? How I can help you child ?

A story within a story ? I was very moved.....So much soul and affection.....Beautiful.

Story about story. All what I do is trying to bring more light into your life. I am glad if I can do that. It just makes me happy.

Beautiful story.
You are a wonderful writer & i really enjoy your words.
Thank you :) x

I will try always do my best and give you the best of me.

You were able to pull me in with the words, kept me there with the emotion and I found it all to be absolutely heartbreakingly beautiful.

Amazing comment. Thanks.

You're most welcome.

Wow great story he is so affraid? Shy? Not sure or maybe a mix glad he finally opened up. Hope you write more of there story

I will try to write more about their journey. Thank you for encouragement. He is a writer and he loves as he can the best.

I think it shows you are kind. I wish the female was more of an equal, The story within the truth needs to be shown in whole.

In my other stories women are more empower. I believe it will be.

It is so, I believe there is a backlash from men right now

I believe it will be more stories about story within I meant be saying -" I believe it will be". I am insuring you there is no indication of any backlash in my world. You are completely safe and admire here. But maybe you are right that you are experiencing no fairness in your life. How can I help ?

your story captured my soul. it totally described some of the feelings i have at this moment. I totally loved the story.

Your comment made my day. Thank you.

awww ... You're welcome!. im glad i made your day!...

Please do it every day or at least try it.

Wow, what a story it's very touching and awe-inspiring. It's very nice :) Keep up the good writing!!

I am glad you like it. For sure.


lovely, it made me smile!
I love how you put the two stories together.

Smile on your face it the best reword.

What a beautiful, poignant story... Thank you for sharing, yet another, piece of your soul with us mere mortals... This has touched my soul...

You shall live forever in my mind.

Gorgeously written. I'm officially a fan. xx

Thank you so much. Your comment means a lot to me.

How long have you been writing? There's a very unique quality to all of your work. It seems to connect. Brilliant stuff.

Hm. When did I start ? Yes It was for sure about love. Of course it was unhappy love that is way I was drown to write. It was only way that I could manage about something what i could not have it. I had no chance. She was much older and had boyfriend and probably she didn't know that I exist. It was poem about how world is cruel and unfair and how much and what way I love her. I was in primary school in the age of 14.

Peter, I just melted away after reading this one. ;) Great piece of work, as usual. :)

Just keep your composure please. I guess you are at work now. Thank you so much for all your kindness.

Haha..yes I am at work now and trying hard to control myself. ;)

That was beautiful. The way you wrote the story within the story to explain their love. It was a very captivating. Thank you again for another wonderful and entertaining story.

Each time there is more and more miles and distance is growing and growing.

But not anymore right? She's says yes, right?

I run out of the ink.

I will have some ink in the mail to you tomorrow. Could actually drive it there faster. Wanna meet me in Kingston? Lol

Oops. Actually I think Hamilton is closer to half way. Lol

Kingston Castle sounds great. I will order my horse to be ready for trip tomorrow.

Hamilton Abby sounds even better.

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wow, amazing, i just lost in the story , it was like i was there

Great. I know that you have fantastic imagination.

this was so beautiful my friend . . . thank you for writting and sharing it . . . I loved every word . . . great story my friend . . . thank you . . . 8D

I wrote it knowing and learning from your deep spiritual path.

you translated it well through this story . . . thank you Peter . . . you are a great writer . . . a thoroughly enjoyable read . . . 8D

I am happy that I could learn more about life and glad that you let me understand more. Good luck I am sure you that happiness will be with you all the time.

Beautiful story, my friend. True deep feelings within.

I am glad that you felt that way. Beautiful as always you are

Time apart can make the heart grow fonder and where things may lead. Sometimes, one person knows that the other needs time to better understand their own feelings. Very beautiful as always, Peter. smiles***

Time teach us all the most amazing things ever.

You are so correct, Peter. smiles***