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Request To All For Prayers And Support

After many requests from my friends in USA and Canada, I would like to kindly REQUEST to all my friends to join in prayers for happy ending.

No matter what is your faith and orientation or whatever makes you as you are - Please support those who battle now as is called now, in the worst storm of the season.

There is no coincidence that we all met  together and became friends. I strongly believe that it was destined to happen. We decided to click this button and become as one because of all past and future which we created and we will be creating.

We are all special and unique because of our compassion, love and kindness. These qualities takes us beyond time and space.   This night, I would like to ask you to look into your hearts and generate these tremendous powers of love which we possess and support all those who are in need now.

To those who ask, my message is - Don't be afraid ~ Power of Love, Compassion, Peace and Kindness of my friends is with you. You are safe in their arms.

Thank you all for your help.



Bolek Bolek 41-45, M 50 Responses Oct 29, 2012

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You have a very caring perspective on the world, I think that's awesome.

A wonderful prayer,expressed ever so well.

God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son for the ransom of many. No one can surpass this kind of love which is the love of friendship. Love is the most powerful weapon to kill all the hatred in the world.

Peace and blessing to you my friend.

very touching and said their is allot more said without saying it.

Thank you for your prayer. May the same goodness (and more) come back to you.

You are so deeply moving and full of good grace and kindness. I wish you all the best.

Thank you for your friendship. Great read.


Power of passion in love and kindness :)

Love the sentiment and the story. Your choice of picture are an added touch of inclusion for all. Book worthy.

This was wonderful, thank you for sharing this.=]

Saying lots of prayers for the states hit by sandy. My daughter, grandson and son-in-law moved from Maryland to Arkansas in August. So thankful they moved and are safe. Have asked my friends on facebook to say a prayer for sandy's victoms. I say a prayer for anyone anywhere. I agree that sandy is in everyone's prayer at the moment, doesn't mean other parts of the world are left out.

All you have written here is so warming and true,I will continue to pray for all those in need.

i wish the best 4 them those who survived frm this storm

amazing post. We were hit very hard by this horrible storm. Though our beliefs we will remain strong as ever.THank you for the gorgeous images also!

Agreed! A good post, and I'm thankful there is someone here who appreciates prayers, too...:-)

There's power in people coming together to pray.

Prayor won't work but I don't mind that part of this post, whatever floats your boat. However, you could at least include those in India who are suffering a cyclone, or in the Caribbean where Sandy has caused at least 69 deaths. Or do you only care about Americans and Canadians?

Nobody ask me directly so far for prayers for those in India or Caribbean.
I always pray for all.
Lets those in India and Caribbean and everywhere live in peace and happiness. Let them enjoy good weather and health and prosperity all the time.

This isn't really a fair comment to Bolek. He really does care about everyone every where. Just that storm was bearing down on us now. I'm glad to know him as a truely caring soul. Just my two cents.:)

Lets love join us all together.

You seem like a very nice person.

Thanks. It was very kind of you to say that.

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Thanks for those great words, sentiments and images! I also believe love is the most important thing in life and that we meet who we are supposed to meet in life. Glad to have met you and i look forward to more of your inspiration :)

I will pray for you, whoever you are, whatever you desire to have.

Already praying, insha Allah it'll all be fine soon, Ameen!

That is very thoughtful of you! and yes i thnk that prayer is always good, wether people believe in it or not. I think that it is a selfless act to devote youself and pray for those in need. and not just ask for you. It is terrible what has happened to some people up north. Here in Richmond,VA it wasnt bad at all. At least here they made it sound like it was going to be real bad, but we just got lots of rain, and almost no powet outages.Anyhow my thoughts and prayers are with those dealt with the strongest of the hurricaine.

hi, versuche gerade hier mein bild hochzuladen...klappt aber nicht!
bin gerade allein, hab mich spontan entschieden dich kennen zu lernen:)
auf..(nochhier)..kannst du dich anmelden und dir meine bilder unter ( launa) ansehen und mich adden:) lg.....achso die seite ist am ende ok.:)))

Yea. That is so true.
Jestes bardzo interesujaca.

Pray for those whom has lost their voice, pray for the ones whom will have to face the unknown of this storm, pray for those whom will go out and volunteer their time after this tragic events, and simply pray. hugs and more hugs***

Saw about it in the news this morning... May it end well

I'm a kopimist.
So dear humans,
Please show you can share, copy, redistribute and help those in need.

Oh wait, you cant, says the Law. Well then, break the law, it is not worthy of applying to you as you are human, not a piece of computer code.

beautifully written hte world woulld b amuch better placeif we all were able to open up our heartsand minds to love. LOVE YA.xx

hope it end soon ^ ^

hope it ends well

<p>eautiful post. we are destined to come together on ep. we had power out in the middle of the night. my thoughts and prayers to all who are facing hurricane Sandy.

The love, solidarity and support of each other will help to see folk through this difficult time.
I know heaven is shining on each of us.

my prayers are also with al those who are needy...... nyc post bolek

My prayers are with us all who are caught in this storm

Sending love and peace to all......and the strength to survive this current storm.......May you all be safe from harm of any kind....You are all in my thoughts and prayers....Be strong.

Hope the tide dies down before it drowns
Hope you all are safe and sound
and very soon, you will be relieved
of all anxiety and troubles that you foresee
I pray for one and all from heart, as me

Your such a great friend buddy! dont worry i will pray for you! :) God bless you and your family more and more . Thanks!

Evangelical church in Oakville

You are frickin amazing man. I'm glad your my friend. Thank you so much. I will pray for anyone needeing it. God bless us all.

Latest news from affected areas:
chiefG - 18-21 years old

good friend, im here under the cloak of one super storm as the call it. and has been dragging down our crazy state of maryland. (chiefG on October 29th, 2012 at 09:22PM)

We are all praying for the safety of everyone in the path of this storm. May God Bless us all with His protection and His Love. Thank you to everyone praying for us and sending such good thoughts our way.:)

Prayers go out to all in it's path xxx

Saying prayers for everyone who is near the coast and to the east of where I am, they are probably getting it much worse than here right now so thoughts are with them.

My prayers go out to all the families in the danger of Sandy>>>Lord place you healing hands upon them and bring them to there safety>>>AMEN>>>

Sending thoughts and prayers for their health and protection. Please keep them all safe. {{{Hugs}}}

My dear friend as you always do show love and support. You are supported and loved and admired greatly.Your Pal Babe

Thank you so much for this....sending my prayers to all of my family and friends in all states of the devistation that Sandy is throwing around up there...Love to you all !!! Again thank you so much Peter for your thoughtfulness !!!!

wish everything will b okay with them ..pray pray

Thinking and praying for my family and friends in Sandy's path. May you all be safe.

Best wishes to our friends facing Sandy...may they be sheltered from the storm and kept safe from harm.

It's so good of you to post this...

Having read your has actually been on my mind these days....a feeling of discomfort for what is yet to thoughts and prayers to all and sincerely from my heart that everyone would be safe and sound through out....I cannot imagine what it would be like just blessed that I am safe....warm (((((((hugggsss)))))))

I'm there with you, my friend xoxo