Be Vulnerable

It's such a risk, to be in love. To love another and to allow them to love you in return. The latter is so much scarier. What if they let you down? What if you discover that they don't really love you? What if they hurt you? But it's a pain well worth it because the pain of never loving is far worse and far more lonely than the pain of loss. There is something so joyful and light about love once one learns to let their guard down and not look at every person who enters their life as someone likely to hurt them. We all get hurt sometime. But nothing hurts more than being in situation that has the potential for love and being too afraid to experience it. You miss out on the pain, but you also miss out on all the beauty that experience has to offer.

Self-preservation in love is a destructive barrier. Let your guard down, let yourself be transformed. Because in an attempt to preserve your heart, you lose your ability to connect with others. You lose your humanity. 

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6 Responses Nov 1, 2012

I agree. Dispite the risk of pain and heartache, being open to love and its truly transformative power (in the giving and receiving) has always been worth the experience.

This was recommended to me. Nice and true post.

I couldn't agree more. Avoiding the possibility of pain is never worth missing the joy.

Very well said!

Love is a thing that is unlike anything else in this world

I am speaking off the top of my mind, so this may not be accurate. I guess thinking out loud. Everything in this story is about love as potentially being "risky". I wonder if looking at love in a different way would help. For example, if love is supposed to be unconditional. what about viewing love as an action verb and choosing to love someone, not because they will be faithful, loyal, meet your needs, or return that love equally, but rather because you choose to demonstrate your love for them in tangible ways. What if, instead of worrying about what they might do with that love, you found satisfaction in taking the initiative to really deeply care about them and love them on a level that doesn't require anything in return. I realize that you may open yourself up to being taken advantage of and being manipulated and that isn't acceptable. I would like to think that love is much more than getting my needs and desires met. In my life experience, when I truly love someone this way, it is impossible for them to control me with their actions and in most cases, the love becomes mutual and beautiful (my kids are a great example). I am striving to love people not because I think they deserve my love, but because I believe my love will improve their life. I said stiving :) Just some random thoughts, would love to hear your opinion on this if you have time.