The Most Precious Gift Ever....

It doesn't matter where it comes from or who it comes from. Whether the situation or person is right or wrong for us. It doesn't depend on the time of day or how much money we have. It's pure, raw, completely unrated, unconditional, and selfless. When you experience true love, no one needs to explain it, or tell you why. It's unexplainable but completely comprehendable. It controls our minds and our bodies and completely changes our perception of life. It is something that can make you fly and make you feel like you are invincable, but in the next instance take your breath away and take away your reason for living. Love is what makes the sun both rise and set. Love is a most precious gift that many experience but only some are able to hold on to.
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I have always felt this way. No matter how many times I've been cheated on, lied to, or heartbroken . . . I never lose faith in love or it's power. For me, life is not worth living in the absence of pure love. It is a most precious gift, that requires constant attention and investment. Hooray for love !

I concur completely. Sadly I'm at that "taken away reason" point at the moment :o(

i agree,,

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I loved your post. You are so right, Love is certainly a very precious gift. It takes alot of work by both parties to hold onto it, to keep it special.
Blessed are those who have that Special Love.
I am thankful that I share that Special Unconditional Love with my precious husband
Blessed Be