Does "love" Truly Exist?

A lot of folk in our world believe in a lot of things, and, the truth is a lot of these things do not truly exist. If the latter is true then love could simply be a belief, and, only exists as long as you believe in it. At this stage "LOVE" is just a flickering flame. What is needed is fuel to feed the fire of your belief. If a substantial amount of fuel is not added to the fire, then the fire of "Love" will gradually burn out, and, your belief will more than likely dwindle and die. However, If every emotion you could ever possibly think of is ignited by a substantial amount of fuel then the fire will most likely grow into something amazing that will keep you warm, snug, and, extremely cozy for the rest of your life or for as long as you're in love! You will tingle with excitement in the morning when you awake, every love song that you hear will sound like it's been written especially for you by your lover. You'll carry thoughts of your lover around with you in your mind throughout the day. At night you'll have the most wonderful sensual dreams you could ever possibly imagine. And, the whole world will come alive.

Or is this just a myth, too?

Some may say: "well you can love chocolate!" Is this really "Love?"
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Oh its love, its real, its divine .... in and on so many levels!!! And your story proves it exists for you in several ways! Love is tough, strong, sweet and everything good! Oh yes, LOVE is very real!

Love is all the things you said above. Developing a friendship with the person you think will become your future partner in life is the test for the relationship. If you truly enjoy one another's company during life's many situations, you can be assured you have something to build on for a long time. Love's anchor and varous intensities develops over sharing time and being there for each other. To me that is what love is really all about. Sure there is the physical aspect and the chemistry of the other person for you. But the inner qualities, morals, standards, sense of humour and ability to get through things together with mutual respect, that will last through time :)

Well, I don't believe love lasts. My parents have been married for over 50 years and there flame burned out when I was just 6 years old. Lol. Relationships take work and the turnout is what you put in. I'm not willing to try because I'm too tired and I just don't care to put in the effort. I chose to stay single because its too much work

true love exist because there god and god will bring the right person in your life when it's the right time =)love stays in the heart like memories that cannot be erase.

love definitely exist my friend)))) and most strong and very real in the cases it unconditional. or it just a myth too???

Yes love does exist and its vital. Its one of the words written over and over in the Bible. Its the core center of which every thing else is able to grow and expand from that is living. There are many forms of it but its end results are all the same. It enriches the lives it touches and softens life's difficulties. It is a wonderful thing when used the way God intended for us.Enjoyed your writing. Thanks. God Bless... : )

Love in the Bible is in reference to sharing Gods love for each other. It's unconditional love that the Bible is referring to. People are sinful and can't love the same capacity that God can love that's why Jesus died on the cross for us because we are sinners. It takes a lot of work to love a person in a long term life long relationship. Get a dog it's easier

i believe that love can last !!!!!!!!!!!!!

I Understand..

There's nothing wrong with a "grounding" love. One that doesn't require much effort, and feels normal as breathing. It lets you be "you". I can see that what you say is true (about believing); but that is probably why David Bowie created the song, Cat People (Putting Out Fire). Is there too much love? Yearning, yearning, yearning is not a great feeling all of the time.

Love is the most sublime emotion makes us completely different, and that you said ""it exists as you believe in it"" it was very thoughtful of you. and I agree that love is like a fire that should be fueldso it grows and grows ..
still the question? does love exist? yes 100 %. I feel it right now as I read those words!

wow...seriously thinking to myself what 'love' actually means much as I want and try to believe it does exist but in reality...sigh *speechless* :(..but I like what you wrote something to ponder on for a bit..:))) thanks for sharing

True Love has been called divine madness with good reason. That it is a fire that can consume us , illuminate our soul or on occasion destroy is a given. Yet, It requires great courage and for all the joys and rewards there is the distinct possibility that it may result in grievous pain when it goes awry, as all too often is the case. To live without hope of it would be a life I would not entertain. The joy, The agony... To settle for less is failure, safe though it may seem. To win you cannot play it safe, and therein the danger lies. Russian roulette of the heart . Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all is old but so true.
I cannot recall (old brain cells) who said, " Without pain, pleasure has no measure" No free rides. Yet the draw is unmistakable, The rewards unmatched.
I am occasionally conflicted, if it is the ultimate cruelty of The Creator to have inflicted mankind flawed as we are with such a universal need, compulsion, desire call it what you will. or perhaps a divine gift that drives us to aspire to it with such power that hope of it challenges us to have it, despite the petty evils we witness everyday and in the process become better creatures for the pursuit of it.
I favor the latter, because without the hope, the dream of it . Then evil would surely reign.
In any case given opportunity and a divine spark of magic... I would play again, albeit older, hopefully wiser. glorious madness. Better to aspire to it, Than to accept the surety of failure, Galling, Bitter mundane.

***The opinions expressed above are the musings of a madman, Entertain or indulge them at your own risk. No warranty expressed or implied.

Extremely interesting MM: "Divine Madness" obviously one would have to get over the stumbling block that divinity actually exists before igniting a divine spark. Could one actually believe in this divine madness called "TRUE LOVE!" The mounting of doubt is growing?


You speak Italian? :)

A new love, can be amazing. That energy does give you the jump up and kick your heels in the air type of joy. And if the relationship is energetic, vibrant, and you connect not just superficially, but at many levels, that love can grow and endure. But that chemistry, that spark, has to be there.For a lasting love, that absolute connection has to be there for both partners. Because it is possible for only one of the partners to have connected, and the other, well, not so much, and the one partner not really be aware of that, or they could be deliberately avoiding that reality.They want very much to believe that the guy/gal feels the way they do.

I agree in parts, and, would even state that some relationships actually give you that jump up and click your heels in the air type of Joy ~ but then after the blue litmus paper has been lit there's more often than not just a faint fizz, a puff of smoke, and, no roaring fire! If true love does exist then there has to be a roaring raging fire - a furnace of complete compatibility! I've not seen a fire of this nature which leads me to believe true love is purely a myth.

Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton ? But perhaps that was just intense lust and passion rather than a true great love . Even they couldn't stay together forever ...

Glad you have found some wood & a spark my friend! :0)

it truely is something we notice anymore, the ties behind keeping it alive are being thrown out the window in todays world

Actually it could be an esoteric art form, if, it isn't a myth.

good allegorie

...thank you Boeing707 hope you're flying high my friend, and, that your fire's roaring! :0)