Oh Foolish Heart

watching tv this weekend i was reminded of how foolish love is.
One of my favorite movies is A KNIGHTS TALE. Heath Ledger in his youth.
Where she says to him, if you love me you will lose. Not to win for your own adoration, but to go against your self. To lose.
then of course he takes a pounding to prove his love and she changes her mind. Because we all want to see our Men be KING OF THE HILL.
And he has to battle back to win.
All to prove ones love.

why do we play such games? How come a kiss is not enough?
I can tell in one kiss if i am loved. I can see it in his eyes. Feel i in a touch.
I know i am loved because his greatest wish is my happiness, even if it is contrary to his fondest desire.

As humans we are always looking for that BIG ACT, the grand finale. The end all be all of life. But it is not the big things, but the small ones. The way they live to see you smile, to make you laugh when you are having a bad day.
How they long to bring sunshine into your world when the dark clouds have you down.

So love is foolish, but i would hate to live without it in my life. It is the greatest folly a human could ever enjoy.
lunazule lunazule
41-45, F
Nov 12, 2012