Wonderwall... Belive In Love

When I'm thinking of the one I love,I just cant stop thinking about her,how we were together and then we were separated I was 25,and she was 41 she had two childred,but we conneted so well,she suffered from substance abuse,she was broken I was broken,but yet somehow we both could make each other laugh,If I never ever believed In love,I do now,and I know she does.I never expected to fall in love with someone like her and I know she never expected to fall in love with a suicidal,crazy person like me,But even though we had to part ways and we had to let each other go,I feel like it kills me each and everyday no matter if I love again,And I'm sure it hurts her as well.But thanks to her I believe in love,and I made her believe.I will always think of her when I listen to this song by OASIS it's called wonderwall,..("maybe your the one that saves me, but after all,your my wonderwalllll.")If you ever get the chance to believe in love,listen to this song and you will understand.
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1 Response Nov 18, 2012

Dude i feel you im kinda in the same boat,but to be honest id rather have not experienced love because now that i dont have her im suffering.i'll try youtubing that song 2morrow.

Yeah it's like that with me too,I wish I haden't met her,but also I'm glad too,Loving her and losing her could have really killed me,maybe In another life me and her could be together again someday.