If i didn't believe in love there would be no way that i could be as happy as i am now.  My love is my best friend.  If i didn't believe in love i wouldn't have been able to give the response i gave to his proposal. Anyone who doesn't believe in love should start believing before they miss their chance to find completeness.

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i disagree with you two. if its true love then it wont end. but depending on who you are, i guess there are some ppl that dont need a partner. there are some ppl who are better off alone. now you cant sit here and tell me that being alone actually sounds fun and enjoyable.

Friendship takes active work and active listening.<br />
Such people are rare. If you fall in love with such a person, you are rich. R

Just try not to let rejection get to u

this is beautiful except i have a question: wot if anything u ever saw as love was a lie, and it seemingly continues to reject you? really im not trying to critizise, i just have been wondering wot to do in that kinda situation...ya know?