Making All Things New

The Occupy London protesters were recently evicted from a square in the City.

Before the protesters set up camp in that square, it used to be green with benches where people would sit and enjoy the open space.  By the time the protesters left, the lawn was eroded and there was a lot of rubbish on the square.  The local council had to employ people to clear the mess up.

Now that the rubbish has been cleared, I've noticed contractors are now digging the soil. No doubt, they will be creating a new lawn and making it a lovely place for city workers to enjoy.

The restoration work that's going on in that square represents how I believe God/Love works. It doesn't matter how many mistakes one makes, how much mess you create, Love is constantly clearing them away and making all things new.

Every moment I can choose to either remember old hurts and grievances or to experience a clean slate.

ps:  Since I wrote this piece, the work on the square has now finished and it has been restored to its former glory.

(c) E Joseph

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Nov 26, 2012