Ashley's Song

My daughter Ashley lost her husband this past Sept. They missed their one year anniversary by one week. She is 22 and he was 23. She sang him a song at his funeral. I thought that was real love. I woke up at 4 am and this was on my mind. I wanted to share it with my friends 
 ~RIP Jared 

Ashley’s Song

She wears her pain on her face
No one can guess the outcome of her race
She struggles everyday with her mood
Something needs to give, real soon

She takes each day as it comes
She swallows her pride and then some
She wonders how life can be this way
To wake up with dread, each and every day

The hunger and emptiness she feels
Is so out of place and real
Will this pain and despair ever ease?
She prays to her God, please

She lingers for the days of smiles and happiness
Instead of this sadness and emptiness
Her beautiful smile is only an expression
It isn't real, for all she feels is oppression

Time will heal her sorrow
She might wake with a new hope tomorrow
She will be able to breathe again
To live is to begin

My heart aches for her, for I know not what to do
I have felt her pain, dreadfully too
No words can take away this empty feeling she has inside
For words just painfully remind her as she cries

She has a beautiful soul and face
Once this page turns, she will be stronger and full of grace
Till then my heart feels her pain
Only along with it, I feel shame

She will be happy once again
Times only reason, to start over, to begin
She comes from a long line of strong women
She doesn't know it, but they all know her burden

Ashley, my baby girl so pretty
You will smile again with beauty
Your heart will heal, with time’s only spell
You will break out of this shell

Fear not my beloved, for I would take your pain from you
Take it for myself, if you only knew
I ache with you, even if I don’t show it
You will go on, never quit

Rest easy my beloved…I love you, you’re going to be just fine
He heard you, when you sang your rhyme
His heart is full of joy
Let you soul rest easy, live a long and happy life and enjoy

Honor him this way….

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2 Responses Nov 26, 2012

That was one beautiful song. I really feel sorry for your daughter. I hope she is OK.

really touching and thanks for sharing this