Hard Step In Love.

I am 15 and this year, my life changed and I dont know if its for the worse or for the best..
I started going to a tution 8 months ago and I made new friends.. Actually, it was my BFF who told me to join the tuition and I accepted. It was avery small but fun group of like 9 people. The teacher too was very nice. Over there, there was this guy and he was the ' talkative clown' of the class, he is pretty tall, polite, pale skinned and very kind and really funny.. He made me feel comfortable since the very first day I started tuition. He asked for my name and 3 days after.. he asked for my phone number. Everything was going on fine.
Then every school in our country had 2 weeks of holidays. He invited my BFF to the movies and she invited me cause she couldnt go only with him.. another girl was supposed to ome aswell, but she couldnt make it. They sat together at the movies and I was just there wondering if there was something between those two. We had a nice time, back home, my bro-in-law told me that those two were in love since like a year now.. and they didnt actually ' use me' to meet up.. but needed another person to come at the movies as both their parents dont like each other! I wasnt aware at all that this guy loved my BFF! My bff is kinda reserved and the shy type of girl who doesnt like to share things, she took loads of time to tell me the truth tho.. which I was kinda upset.

So anyways, after this, tuition was on again, I noticed that some days later, the guy was more at ease with me and talked to me a lot, despite my BFF was there. I noticed all the signs when you know that a guy was crushing on you! I doubting that he was falling in love with me. The sad thing was, even if he still had some feelings for my BFF, she didnt. She said that it wouldnt work between them. She ignored him and they always get into fights and makeup and fight again.. Thats the way they knew each other.

One day when my BFF didnt attend tution, he sat next to me and smiled, talked and joked and acted really weird.. as if he was nervous in a way to tell me something. He wrote noted to me in class about his feelings for me and joked that he loved me.. I sensed it was true tho.. I just smiled and didnt really take that seriously, then the teacher snatched the paper and he took back the paper and I told him to tear it.. I was so embarassed and I saw a girl in tution giving me a grin as if she knew what was happening.
That day, me and the guy talked on facebook and he told me the truth about him and my BFF. I was happy that he finally opened up to me!

The next tuition day, was his last day, he left tution cause he couldnt bear seeing my BFF again as she broke his heart.. Since months and months we chat on facebook and he always hints that he loved me and likes my pictures and some links. We both grew very close as friends and he said that he could trust me and he appreciated that. We still talk and now he made a plan so that we could go to the movies on December. He is inviting me but I dont wanna go only with him, cause then people would think that we'd be dating or something.. So I had to invite a friend of mine and my BFF...

Do you think I made a wrong decision to invite her or not? Cause both their parents would probably fight over that again?
Amylove15 Amylove15
13-15, F
Nov 27, 2012