What Is This Feeling

I believe in love always have since I was a kid, we were told we love tis person and that one, So I grow up get married the first time and thought all the time IT was love. Nevertheless it didn't work and it didn't hurt that much, maybe my pride. So then #2 thought for sure this was love and it lasted a long time, but I found another love, my daughter, she stole my heart and I thought this was the end all love everybody has talked about and it and it was great! But wait I don't have near these feelings for #2. So now what? I want to know this feeling, what is it that everybody chases and wants so bad. Maybe its me and I'm not suppose to know it or I'm expecting too much. So really not looking and not thinking about it I met HER, A woman who I had fun with she's sexy hott and has a smile that would change anybody's attitude. We talked we fooled around had funand then I really got to know the scared little princess that stole my heart, just as my daughter did but different, this feeling makes me jump out of bed everyday and get so excited to see and just hear her voice. These new feelings for this woman who has totally captivated me, at breakfast, at work, anytime we aren't together some way feels as if something is missing in me! What the hell is this, is this the thing everybody's been chasing for thousands of years? I understand why, its amazing. Its even more amazing that My Princess feels the same way about me, even when I frustrate her to no end with my demands and jealousy. These feelings are much bigger than the word love can ever describe, such a small word for something so all encompassing of my life. So I truly believe In love and after this many years of life of not having it, its been worth the wait for sure. So I am declaring my love for My Beautiful Red Haired Princess, and I will treasure, love, and protect you as long as you will have me.

What an amazing feeling!!!!!!
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Damn you. now my eye liner is going to turn into big black sumdges.
How could i not love you? Some people come in banging doors, tearing down walls, creating a ruckus in your life. You were persistently gentle. The strong, confident, dominate man i know simply sat back and waited for me to crawl over my own wall. You held your hands out to me and patiently waited for me to take that leap of faith. And still you wait. Wait for me to take each and every step i need to. And in my own time.
I know it is not easy. But we both know that in the end, when everything is RIGHT, your heart will be my last home.