" Love Verses"


Some years ago, on one winter eve in a small village near the legendary lake, a girl lies on her mother’s lap. She was listening to romantic stories about folkloric weddings and the pursuit of true love. The lass was closely remembering each word, for all was directed to her with deep meaning.
“Someday you’ll have something so special and precious to live for... and that’s your future with someone” she uttered while caressing her child.
“Somewhere out there in this world is your future prince ... we don’t know who he is but he is around somewhere to be found ...”the duchess continued as her daughter asked innocently,

“Mom, is my prince will love me the way I am?”
Her mother smiled at her, “yes, my dear he will truly love you like your father and I did. Your prince is like a knight in shining armor, ready not only to protect his fair maiden from all harm, but to fight for her against the villain. He will try to shield the love from all hurt, sorrow and suffering...”
The little princess queried excitingly, “how will I ever meet him?”
“ you will get your prince in the right time ... you see , there comes a time when both of you are ready to fall in love... but both of you are apt to make the mistake to be just in love with the idea of love... the right time would be the time planned by God.

“Mom, how will I choose him from other princes?”
“First you need to grow into a willed –maiden whose heart will not be swayed by force or by royal blood because the wisdom of love will only choose the prince who woos the simple ways. And when the time comes any little thing is enough to make you burst into singing... you feel young, alive ang full of life. You don’t have to be great or even charming to find him. Just live your life well, take care of yourself and don’t mope too much... love will find you.”
“Is our love will last forever?”
“Mmm... that’s a question many girls asked herself but it’s a question that she must answer too. In true love; stands the test of time it endures through good times and bad times as well. Its course never runs smoothly and it’s up to you whether to give it up or keep it till it sweeps away barriers to happiness and triumphs.”
“How can I assure that he will only love me?”
Her mother pinch the tip of her nose and teased, “You’re such a selfish girl, of course he will love someone aside from you, people close to his heart like his mother or sister and close friends.” The girl pouted. The lady smiled wryly, “definitely he will love you different from any other because you are the one he will choose to marry.”
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Nov 28, 2012