If You're Not Satisfied In Your Current Relationship Move On

Okay so last year at this time I was in a serious relationship that was having serious problems. We had arguments that were terribly damaging and I knew then that there was a very good possibility that we weren't going to make it. We even broke up several times because I felt that he was trying to control me too much and didn't respect me and appreciate our relationship. Of course there were lots of good times when we enjoyed one another but then we'd have power struggles. It got pretty ugly and I'd end up going home for days and not talking to him hoping time would heal things.
My point is that sometimes people are not compatible enough for the couple to find lasting happiness.
Dynamics are as they are and it's best to find the strength to move on.
Now a year later I have found a love that I enjoy and comforts me unlike my past bf ever could. This is why I believe that if you're not satisfied in your current relationship you should just move on. Abetter relationship could be right around the corner. Why fight something that is an uphill battle. I am glad that is over and now I'm grateful and enjoy every moment that I have with my new love. It may be difficult to breakup but it's worse being with someone who isn't right for you and doesn't understand you. You deserve better!
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1 Response Nov 30, 2012

Lot of wisdom in your words. So many of us spend our lives trying to make a bad relationship work,for so many different reasons. If we would step back and take a critical look; and realize that the differences are too great to mend, just end it as lovingly as possible. Much healthier for everyone.