Love? Is It Really The Awnser?

Love.. Simple word.. Powerful meaning.
People use the word 'Love' In the most simple and common of sentences, I have been in love a lot.. Well i would like to say i have, but there is 4 types of love in my life..
1) Dedication (To a band or inspiring person say God?)
2) Mistaken Love (When you miss understand your feelings, You think that you are in love with someone but you mistake loving someone compassionately as a friend and
3) Love Goggles (I think that this is the most common mistake of full love, When you think that you are in love and you are completely sure within yourself but after about 3 months then you realize that it wasn't real love and it was just false)
4) Compassion/Unconditional Love (When you completely love somebody and there is no doubt about it, You are past the moment of doubt and you feel so strongly about something that it doesn't matter about anything else but you and him/her)

But i am still confused, I claim i am in love with someone.. I would say my self it is level 4 love but to be honest.. I don't think it really is deep down.. I need to be a self concealer at this point and think about everything..

Until then..
K <3
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2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

I swear I have experienced level 4 love. I was sure I was with the girl I would spend the rest of my life with. After 3 amazing years I lost her though, without a reason. 6 months later, I still feel the same way I did 6 months ago when I still had her in my life. I have tried to move on but it really was unconditional love I had for her. She completely stole my heart. The fact that after all I've been through since I lost her I still feel the same way I did from when we first met, I know it really was true, unconditional love.

I like the 4 types you've outlined. It's normal to doubt that you are at that #4, but hopefully you should be able to convince yourself that you are completely in love with him, and let the doubt fade away. The doubt is there so you won't get hurt as easily if the love dies out.