Will They Miss Me When I'm Gone...

Will they miss me when I'm gone, will my essence linger on,
like a sweet perfume, once a lady has left the room.

Will they hear what I have been trying to say love, love, love yourselves!
I've whispered this for years and through so many tears.

Will they see me once I've left, for dimensions beyond their reach.
Will they finally get the message I have tried so hard  to teach?

Will they listen once my body has been turned to eternal dust,
will they live in faith and will they ever, really learn to trust?

Will they see beyond their problems whether big or small,
will they finally tear down those big ol' useless walls?

Do they know that we will meet again but this time face to face,
do they understand that we are all part of the human race?

Last night I saw the peace and beauty of a dove,
and guess what he was clothed in? Just plain and simple LOVE..

Well now you've heard my story and I hope you understand, that a journey without love, is like grasping a hand of sand.

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4 Responses Dec 1, 2012

Excellent poem here. Love the part about your sweet perfume..........Great minds always think alike. Keep up the good work, even if it is not yours. =)


My own walls are just too thick and solid,
to trust in people could not be valid.
Those that arn't true and honest to me find to be squalid,
backstabbers, decievers and the arrogant I think are gelid.
So called friends that don't tell who are my enemies are invalid,
Trust in people huh, against this cowardly world I stand stolid.

Some will remember you...but your biggest impact is what are you doing today.