Waiting On Him

The talking didn't help. Being silent was even worse. Both inevitable led to arguing. I hate that he's gotten to the point where he blatantly doesn't care when he's hurting my feelings or upsetting me. Since I couldn't compromise with him or act like everything was ok, I had to end it. It wasn't long ago but a week seems like a year. It hurts but I can't just go back because nothing will change and I'll just be weaker and sadly, I think he's counting on that. Instead of making an effort to understand how I'm feeling, which plenty of others could easily understand, he's waiting for me to "do whatever I gotta do." So I'm naively hoping that he will love me and miss me and tell me that he's sorry or wants to work something out before I'm done with school and there's no reason for us to see or talk to each other. Because after that, I can't see it doing anything but falling apart. Immediately after we broke up, he wanted to take his gifts back and told me I could have mine as well. It's frustrating how he is with things like that. He's still one of the most mature guys I and lots of people in my family know. At 18, he's very smart and is already on the fast track to achieving his dreams. I guess I gotta just wait and see if I'm really apart of those or not. Either way, I love him very much.
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Dec 1, 2012