Irrefutable Evidence Of Love

In a court of law, a prosecutor's role is to provide evidence that proves the defendant is guilty; while the defendant's role is to provide evidence that casts doubt on the prosecutor's evidence.

I believe the Universe is similar to a court room in that It is constantly providing evidence to back up whatever our beliefs are.

When your world view is "negative", the Universe provides evidence that backs up your world view.

When your world view is "positive", the Universe provides evidence that backs up your world view.

After I had done some shopping I called a mini cab to take me home. While I was waiting for the mini cab to arrive, I was thinking to myself how loving people are. The moment I had the thought, a man walking by stopped and walked towards me. He said hello and I said hello back. He asked me if I was waiting for a cab and I said yes. He asked me where I lived and I told him. He offered me a lift home. He said it was no trouble as he was going to buy some petrol anyway so he could easily drop me home. I told him I'd already ordered a cab and I didn't want them turning up and not finding me there. If I had the firm's telephone number on me I would have cancelled my booking and accepted his lift. I thanked my friend for his offer.

I thought it was amazing how quickly the Universe had provided evidence to back up my "people are loving" belief.

I love lions and find them adorable. Countless stories about their gentle and loving nature are constantly being brought to my attention.

Although I think tigers are beautiful, I don't feel the same passion for them as I do for lions. However, I'm still open to see evidence of their loving and playful nature. Here's one story I read today in the newspaper: "One man and his tiger: Indonesian man forms unbreakable bond with 27-stone feline Mulan":

Here's another story I read a while back about a tiger that is kept as a pet: "He's just a big pussycat: Meet the couple who share their South African home... with a 27-stone Bengal tiger":

Thank you, Universe, for constantly providing me irrefutable evidence of Love's presence in all.

(c) E Joseph

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Dec 2, 2012