I Am Scared Of Love ... I Use To Believe In Love But Loves Hurt .

i am scared of love ... i use to believe in love but loves hurt .i am running from every thing in my life
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I know the feeling my friend :(

Hmmm :( love is not for me I guess

I am also scared of love..love always hurts n it hurts very badly..:(

just get married with the person u love so u wouldnt let them go ... this is the sonly solution which i thought of

I agree wid u bro..i thought of marry the girl whom i love..but she left me now..:(

ask yr mom to find for u.... go for arrange marry

Now i just want a break..m not ready for such a big responsibility..

then u r not that broke apart u would heel

M just 19..so how should i marry the girl? N it is better to make the statement about anyone after knowing him..not before..

so u are a teenager ..not to worry ...... u r in a age group when guyz can move on easily u would move on but u would become wiser too.......

i am also scared of love.always hurts in hurt very serious

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Love is such a beautiful thing, when it's REAL. Don't let past experiences mess up your chances on actually coming across it.

i dont want o fall in love again i have many oppurtunities but not intersted in it any more ....:( love hurtss and make me cry every day

Keep thinking like that and you'll pass out on meeting someone amazing, then you'll be crying everyday because your lonely.

i have my family my mom is arranging my wedding with a girl ... so i wont be lonely ...but love hurts

hmmmmmmmm ...i hate love now .dont want to fall inlove again

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Fear leads nowhere.. let's say, i am scared of people.. so i don't go out, stay home all day, let my whole life being destroyed .. what is the use?
When fear becomes so strong that stops us from doing things we have to free ourselves from it.
Love is beautiful and yes it hurts most of the times.. because you think you have found it and you were mistaken...
You need to find love only once.. and then your problems will be solved, but in order to find it you have to give it a chance.
Love is too beautiful to not to taste it. Even if it hurts you.. learn from experience and proceed.

i have learn from it that dont fall in love again

I"m really sorry i cannot show you in practise how to fall in love again.. but i am in love already.. words are only words...
If you are so convinced that love is over for you then why do you worry and keep talking about that? Just go on with your life? What do you expect people to say to you hun?

noting...i dont know .... i dont knw anything

i am afraid of love because i use to believe love will make my life more good but love make me cry and broke me apart i was engaged to a girl for three years we love each other but sh left me jsut to marry some one else ............. and now she is not mine any more and thats hurts..love has given me the most worse pain in life which have made me weak and sad ... and broke apart .... now i just waiting for my death so tha the pain of love could be over ...

i dont want to meet any one... i am afraid of love now .. and this not the first incident it was the incident that mase me broke apart and week i have face many problems since my child hood but i stood strong but i dont have any strength left to be broken apart again or for any incident i am just waiting for my death to come

i am trying .. i am trying to live for others i am trying to be happy for other happiness.. i dont have any thing for me to be happy for but i make my self to be happy for others ... and by it life can go on so be it... but from deep down from my heart i had enough of my life ups and down ... i know i am asking for death now but it wont come . death will come when i want to live the most..

haha dont hope for it because it wont happen ...... i think i am cursed or i have abd luck or something thats why i havnt been happier for myself

yeah i dont mind ..i know you are trying to make me realize to be happy and to focus on my coming life ... and i have negative attitude because of my experiences in my life

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