If You Haven't Loved...

...you haven't lived. Sir Anthony Hopkins said that in Meet Joe Black, and I heartily agree. I believe in love.

Love makes you feel more alive. I've only been in love a few times, and each relationship ended unhappily. But I am grateful for the experiences, and keep hoping that I will find that happy ending. How can it happen if you don't hope? If you don't reach out? If you don't at least try?

I know that a lot of lovers become haters after painful experiences, but I am not one of them. If you are, I hope that we will both one day find the healing relationship that will make up for all of the losses. I think Shakespeare said it best, "It is better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all."

There's nothing like it in the world. There's nothing like kissing or holding hands or just snuggling in front of the television. There's nothing like making love, even though there's more to love than that. There's that feeling of "I get you," the one that gives you peace and butterflies in your stomach at the same time. Love gives life meaning so that you're eager to get out of bed in the morning, anticipating the time that you will spend with the object of your love.

Love is a natural high. You smile more. It motivates you. It makes you want to get out and enjoy life, to go places and do things. It makes you want to eat right, exercise, and buy age-inappropriate clothing. It makes you go outside of your comfort zone. You find yourself walking in the rain or even fishing from a boat. Love makes you shift from self to other, and gets you to look beyond yourself. It makes you a different person. Each time you love, you learn. Love makes you grow.

God is love, and He's FOR love. He said in Genesis, "It is NOT good for the man to be alone." It's better to be in relationship, even when it makes you vulnerable to hurt. I know that I will open my heart again when I find someone who is worth taking a chance on. The happiness that love brings is worth the risk. And that's why I believe in love.

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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Do I hear an Amen? Big Amen!!!!
Did not know you read minds. You read mine. So lonely, but a little afraid of the pain, but the reward. ..............
Thank You for the story.

Sometimes the giving is better than the getting. But the sharing is the BEST!