Things To Do If You're In Love

Things to do when you love someone:
1. Brush that loose hair back from their eyes, even if you put it there.
2. Hug them tightly, and with care.
3. Leave them small notes saying why they are beautiful.
4. Give them encouragement when they are down.
5. Give them a smile when they have a frown.
6. Keep their secrets locked up tight.
7. Let them win in a fight.
8. Tickle them and get tickled back.
9. Watch Disney movies all the time.
10. Eat some chocolate, share it all.
11. Kiss them close and lick it off.
12. Tell them how they make you feel.
13. Squish a spider if they squeal.
14. Keep them from doing stupid things.
15. Help them do stupid things.
16. Tell them you love them when something is wrong.
17. Snuggle with them till they are warm.
18. Let them steal the blankets at night.
19. Never argue, never fight.
20. Live life to its fullest, and give it your all.
21. And tell loves that you love them no matter how small.
22. Never lie.
23. Never cheat.
24. Never help them lie or cheat.
25. Give them your heart.
26. Give them your soul.
27. Let yourself break.
28. Let your heart fall.
29. Let them say that they don’t need you.
30. Cry alone, let them miss you.
31. Think of them when alone.
32. Hope they’ll come back.
33. Hope they’ll come home.
34. Give them love when it is lost.
35. And write them a poem.
36. Say how you feel.
37. Don’t yell, don’t scream.
38. Say you still love them.
39. Cuddle again.
40. Make up.
41. Make out.
42. Get a puppy.
43. Get a kitten.
44. Call it your baby.
45. Give yourself to them.
46. Get married.
47. Have children.
48. Tell them you love them every day.
49. Kiss them every morning and evening.
50. Grow old together.
51. Love each other.
Swanfirefly Swanfirefly
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

These are all things I shall do one day haha :)