I Love You, Carlos.

I used to like
To be alone;
I had a house
Was not a "home"....

You searched
Came from far away
Made me smile
Made my day....

We have not met
Why? Don't know...
Know what, love,:
I miss you soooooo....

tired of waiting
it is most severe
december is here
last month of the year

are you coming?
is your love true?
cause now is now
and I need you

do not tarry
a moment longer
cause i am
not getting stronger...

i love you, carlos...
that never changes...
please. please. please.
contact me.
i love you. cynthia.
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2012


well done sister of mine . . . my heart goes out to you . . . whatever the outcome maybe . . . so long as you're happy . . . I am here for you . . . love you