"love Verses"

Part II

“Long time ago our ancestors believe that love is an ecclesiastical gift of God. To let the lovers feel at ease with hollowed security, God gave them a key to seal it, and that is through marriage. It represents the union of two unique persons in the eye of the creator. To seal the marriage is the Divine wedlock; represented by two rings that symbolize a love that endures even beyond this earthly life ... it unites both lovers as they become what they are meant to be together.” The young duchess carried her sleeping child on the soft cushions. She smiled suddenly remembering the days when she first falls in love. As the thoughts came to her, she asked herself, “ what made me fall for him in the first place?... I honestly had no idea, but when I started to fall for him, I fell in love with the man, the mind, the person... his loving heart, his gentle and considerate nature, his honesty, great sense of humor and respect for himself and others. There was something about his eyes that I really like, but other than that he is God fearing.”
It was almost a decade ago, a young man was walking down the corridor of a music conservatory when he suddenly heard a wonderful song sung by a sophomore. He stared at the window wondering to where it came from. He whispered silently. “Her voice was soft and gentle... like a soft Angelus to my ears, the sound of deep peace.” At that moment the young man has fallen in love with the maiden’s voice before he has seen her face. He looked to its source and right then made a vow,” “if I ever began to think of fair maidens, this was the one I’d begin to think much of first.”
(When falling in love, it is better to fall in love with who they are as a person (that is their personality); in that way the exterior becomes more beautiful. It’s the way I think it should be with everyone. If you just into a person’s look then when they get older & lose their beauty you will not love the person anymore. )
One morning a sophomore maiden was humming while on her way to the university, a man came to her and smiled, “That was a blessed voice...” “Thank you sir” she gestured in her sweet voice. He added, “I may not know you personally, but I think you are the greatest thing this life has to offer.” From that day, the bud of love started to blossom...
One winter season while they were walking back home, the beats of their heart keeps on resounding clumsily unable to express their feelings. The young man thought while glancing on her. “Maybe I could stay with you for all of eternity, I want to save this moment into my memory for one day I... may not be of any important. I’ll engulf your smile in my heart... & keep this memory... protecting it from everything.”
On the other hand the fair maiden was casually uttering to herself, “I want to cherish this moment... it’s you no matter what... every moment you painted I want you to express it in me. I want this feelings to be right.& I want to sing a song where you can’t hear anywhere else but at that solemn moment... a place that I can express this feelings...”
The snow started to fall. The young man held her hand and stared at her eyes, “there are times when I just want to look in your appearance... I can’t remove you from my thoughts ... I don’t know what it was... but I like you for who you are... I’m fallen’ for you...” the fair maiden flushed by his confession, she was on the verge of tears, by the overwhelming truth she had kept inside. She embraced him. Few years later they got married and had their beautiful daughter named Annalisa.
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