Love Verses

Part III

Years have passed and the duchess daughter grew into a fine woman who has achieved a goddess beauty and holistic wellness. She was very sought by handsome gentlemen. Unfortunately no one can win her heart; she was smitten by the concept of one true love on the right time. She dedicated, her burning passion, into playing the violin. Often men were bewitched by her music that they started to call her Annalisa the “Violinitch” a pun of “witch”.

“A fair maiden who stands among the crowd has always been demure and keeps her feet on the ground.” A man’s utterance from afar that seems mesmerize by the lady resting peacefully on the garden’s gazebo. Meanwhile Annalisa was deeply in thoughts while gazing at the blue sky. She thought, “Truth is ... love is still a mystery to me. It is like a hidden treasure which everybody hopes to find someday.” Suddenly she remembered her beloved mother used to say, “Don’t play with destiny it is something no one can escape, not even the king, himself. Don’t ask for signs or you’ll marry the orange fruit.” She smiled at the silliness of her mother’s advice, unknowingly that a man was staring at her.

As she reminisce the past an obscure memory of a farewell rose was yet to unleash its barrier to know what exactly happened at that moment...
It was really a memory of a love song, an impassioned to be heard. A young girl’s shy smile, as a young lad’s awakened consciousness of her presence. It is two hearts beating as one. How could she ever realize that she found the love long time ago with a fellow she has known all her life, only she needs to remember the forgotten memory.

“Memories are the dear and precious moments that we carried in our hearts from the start. It is special to recall them.” he speaks confidently so that she will not look down on him. Annalisa was caught by the voice to stop her daydreaming. “that’s true, but then are you aware of what I’ve been thinking?” she hissed in annoyance trying to block any conversation he was planning.
He on the other hand catches on and begun to be wise in handling her blockage. “I guess, they are the beautiful thoughts like beautiful flowers that are meant to be shared” he flashes a smile and seated beside her. She blushed remembering the thoughts and alarmed herself to leave. Looking at her watch, Anna cued to dismiss herself. “Well, they are sweet memories but somehow I want to keepsake them for my is really nice to talk to you sir but I have to leave now.” Asserting as if, the man beside her was a nuance. He heave a sigh of admition “ OK, then let me just introduce myself, and know your name as well that would compromise everything”
“I’m Annalisa, the duke’s daughter” she gestured politely while accepting his hand.
“I’m Klein Raytheon, nephew of his highness. It’s good to know you and be your friend.” He declared in contentment.

She strode the path of Majestic Palm Promenade. While he stand in serenity watching her silhouette vanish in the green leaves and glowing flowers that surrounds everywhere.
While walking alone, she began to utter a poem to ease her boredom.
“Throughout the years I often wondered

If I would ever find the right man

One who would love and show he cared

One who would treat me fair

I began to wonder how long it would be

‘Till the day I could find in a love all truth.

I become impatient but determined to wait

For I knew I deserved a worthy mate...

I know someday I’ll found the one

My prince, I’ll show to everyone

He’s perfect! I couldn't ask for more

My prince were worth waiting for.

darkrosealterego darkrosealterego
18-21, M
Dec 5, 2012