" Love Verses"

Part IV

On her way to the orphanage she suddenly felt the calling to go barefooted. Like the old times, the heat and dust of the ground made her felt free from everything. Arriving on a stream Annalisa decided to wash her feet. Some butterflies flew on her head that caused her to play with them. The sheer feelings made her unaware of the coach that passed by...

Inside was a young noble disturbed by her noise, he peek at the window and saw her; it made him thought the scene as an enchanted moment. As he glances on her recklessness they evoked his childhood; the hunting and swimming, the heat of the sun and even the dust, all things that he cherished. The sight of her made him yearns for freedom with sacred rights & privileges of his own.

Somehow inner feelings made him confused. The familiarity of the scene and the girl he was seeing but he ignored it. “Maybe she was just a peasant who ran away to refresh herself” he smirked with the idea.

A hovering horse halted on her. “Lady Annalisa, where are you heading?” a familiar voice called her. She thought “hopefully for a ride”, & flushes her sweetest smile, “I’m on my way to the orphanage...mmm, you see I’ m in a hurry...” Raytheon in his gallant attire looked at her with confusions; she seems like a rugged person. He blurted, “Oh! Great I’m after my cousin... I’ll be seeing you later.” Annalis was shock by her last concept of solution. “He called himself a gentleman?" she scornfully uttered.

Arriving at the place, Anna was fumed with anger seeing Raytheon. His eyes were inviting as he waves at her. Suddenly the naughty children grab her, which made the latter to be ignored.
“She did not recognize you” the man beside him mocked.
“That girl is truly a man hater. No one can predict her. Sometimes she’s as sweet as a kitten but often times a glaring tiger. No one can tame that princess.” He replied sarcastically.
The prince glances at her direction.

“Welcome, Prince Kenel Jenson, I am Madam Kathleen, the head mistress of the orphanage. I will be the one to present your duty.” She curtsied. The prince proceeded with his own possible solutions as the conversation flows smoothly until it ends.

Throughout the window the scene was like an angel playing with the children.
“Lady Annalis was truly a blessing, a self-sacrificing maiden who’s willing to bruise herself in order to save the children from danger. She brought the maternal love for the orphans... that child is pure at heart.” The mistress exhaled in contentment. A moment later the prince and his cousin bid their farewell.

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