Why Me?

I know we are all wired differently, but sometimes i wish i was wired a little differently when it comes to love.
I am a parent and i envy the ones who say i love all my children the same. I try, but I seem to have a favorite.
I actually have tried not to love some people as much as I do, because it may be inappropriate, but how do you control your heart?
I can control my actions which I am so thankful for, but not the heart. It seems to often have a mind of its own. I am falling out of love with this person and in love with that person. Fortunately it does not happen often, but when it does, the rest of me is just along for the ride.
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3 Responses Dec 6, 2012

I am on a journey into days gone by, reading you from... bottom to top, inside and out! *smile* No doubt you are my mirror image, my soul mate, the piece of the puzzle that made the whole present picture... which is mighty fine my man! xo

I guess deep down inside most parents feel the same way, in my view it is a question of affinities, you have more affinities with certain people than with others, even if they are your own children. And you don't choose whom you love... Love makes the choice for you. I believe our eros moves from the unconscious, which is why it is so mysterious... If you find it difficult to control your heart, this is good! We are living in times where so many people don't seem to have one...

Thank You so much for sharing your thoughts as well.
You certainly finished with a sad truth.
I just read today about the young man that was killed because three teenagers were bored and decided to kill someone; so when he ran by they decided it might as well be him.
Obviously their heart is missing something.

Hmmm why me? I hear pain here my man. I know this side of you. Sooooo... my comment to this is. Climber1, We have falling in love, head over heels with each other. I make this promise in type..lol.. x That I will always happily work, at keeping you happy, healthy and ...satisfied. Always in love with me. *smile*

What a wonderful caring, loving, passionate woman that I have. You are so perfect with your openness and I will always work to keep you happy, healthy and satisfied. This is really serious and I am waiting for someone to ask me to now kiss the bride.
I love you!

... I fell out of the chair... ohhh god love you my man. if i could, i would... I would tackle you and spare no mercy... loving on you from head to toe! Yes, you are perfect for me honey. my cheeks hurt from this smile i am wearing. sigh...... soon. I love you very much.