Love Comfort Zones

Love Comfort Zones

I was sitting at a cemetery people-watching, this man appeared with a bag of nuts and some bird seeds. He stood next to a fence overlooking the graveyard and tossed over some seeds and nuts for the animals to feed. There was one particular pigeon who was a cut above the rest. He wasn't content to just peck seeds on the ground, he wanted a whole lot more. So he perched on the fence next to the man and fed off the man's hand.

After one squirrel had finished its nut, it came looking for another, but a woman sitting on a bench close by flinched and drove it away. She obviously wasn't a fan of squirrels. The man encouraged the squirrel to come closer. The squirrel came close but didn't seem comfortable taking the nut from the man's hand so the man tossed it and the squirrel picked it up and scurried away.

As I see it, my experience at the cemetery demonstrates various comfort zones about receiving love.

The woman was happy to relax at the cemetery but she wasn't comfortable being around squirrels.

Although the pigeons and squirrels were open to receive food, they didn't feel comfortable being too close to the man. Only one pigeon was prepared to get so close that he ate off the man's hand; and was rewarded handsomely for it.

I loved how accepting the man was of the animals and how he met them at their preferred comfort zones.

As for me, I was happy to observe what was going on so I could record it on my blog. That's my kind of love comfort zone.

(c) E Joseph



Love Comfort Zones - Revisited

At the beginning of this road, I saw a cat perched in front of the house at the bottom of the stairs. When I called out to my friend, he moved away but he didn't run away as he usually does. He was still very wary of me. As I was telling him what a beautiful cat he was, he kept staring at me as if he was being mesmerised by my words.  I also assured him that I was his friend and he was safe with me.  I moved towards him but he backed away.  I then blew him a kiss and said goodbye.

At the end of the road, I saw another cat friend sitting on the edge of the front garden.  As soon as he saw me he recognised me. My friend is the strong and silent type i.e. he doesn't miaow but I could tell he was happy to see me. Usually I just stroke him but I decided to sit on the ledge.  My friend hopped on my lap.  I gave him lots of strokes and cuddles and he gave me cat kisses too.  After I had spent about 5 minutes with my friend, I told him it was time for me to leave. He uttered a weak miaow as if asking me to stay longer but I kissed him and walked away.

I believe my experiences with both cats represent our love comfort zones i.e. how open each individual is to give and receive love.

My "fearful" cat friend has let me stroke him once before.  (See On Patience).  I hope one day, soon, he will trust me enough to sit on my lap and receive the love I have for him.  Till then, I will continue to love him from a distance.

(c) E Joseph


"On Patience":
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