Just Venting

Today I was supposed to go have coffee with my ex-girlfriend. It would be the first time we would be together since we broke up, year and a half ago. She canceled it, apparently it won't be today. The thing is I never got over her. I still lover her like crazy, but she just doesn't love me anymore. She moved with her life, with lots of new friends, new boyfriend, all that. I'm still in the past. I know that seeing her and talking to her is gonna hurt a lot, but I need to do it. I have all this things in my head 24/7, things I need to say, things I need to hear. I know what happened won't change, i'm just the past, she has her new life. But part of me refuses to believe that there is no chance for us... And as painfull as it will be, I don't think I'll find any peace untill I do it. Fuq, I spent the whole week trembling with nervosism, I look like I'm freezing in Antartida. Today, I've been a complete mess, fearing the hours passing by. And now I'll have to do it all over again, I guess... Love is fuqed up, is all I can say...
DanielSan1985 DanielSan1985
26-30, M
Dec 7, 2012