"love Verses" Part V

The full moon was in its brightest, the road on the castle was well lit up by flaming torches and the soft whisper of the wind caressed the forest trees. The deep voices of the nocturnal owls remind the mistiness of the night. The palace in its joyous feast was celebrating the proclamation of the Crown Prince. Everything were splendid especially, the performance of the orchestra.
The dignified prince walks down the hall with absolute conformity. Everyone watches him in admiration. Somehow, Annalisa caught his attention by the sweet prelude of her piece. He walks towards her to introduce himself. The Duke, Annalisa’s father requested her to waltz with the prince and she oblige to the situation. Unknown to her is a mysterious plan between her father and the prince. While dancing with him she felt an unusual ambience that made her felt dizzy. She thought, “I have a negative feelings, he has a very strong aura.” After the dance with prince Kenel, she felt that someone is approaching; it is Klein the prince’s cousin. He gave her a rose. She gestures a smile of appreciation.
A moment later, he held her hand tightly and profess his feelings, “Anna, I would be a fool to neglect my most truthful and inner feelings… that in every passing day I grow to love you more.” She is shocked for a moment, which no words came out. Her uneasiness grows tenser, she is always calm when men profess to her, but right now, she is not sure. She heaves a sigh, “I’m sorry but, I don’t really feel good right now.”
She rushes outside without looking at him, and then suddenly overheard the familiar voice of her father. In the palace garden, she saw the Prince and the Duke. Anna feels the queer of eavesdropping. It is about a disgraceful secret and the accused was his father. A man’s voice made her aware of her conscience, “Honor comes at a stiff price, and we must be willing to pay it. And when you’re wrong stand up and take the blame.”
The Duke speaks in trembling voice, “but your highness, that would means to plight my daughter against her will, I cannot accept this truce.”
Anna, becomes aware of the conversation, she felt nervous. Her eyes become misty. She quips to herself in disappointment, “I am pledge to marry”
The prince declares, “acquit yourself with honor not wit elicit despisal”
The Duke pleads, “Please your majesty, let me settle this with my wife and my daughter”
“You will oblige me if you keep this matter quiet, I’ll give you time till tomorrow.” He replies calmly.
The Duke is about to disagree but he was not able to finish his words by the glare of the Prince. He clenches his teeth while uttering the words, “As you please, your highness…”

Tears keep on flowing as she runs away to that place. The night is peaceful but she could not sleep. She knows her life will change. At dawn, Anna makes herself ready at the noise of her parents. She glances towards them and utters, “I’ll marry him!” they are puzzled. Her father asks, “did you know about the arrange marriage proposal?” she nodded and her mother burst into tears.

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Dec 7, 2012