The Most Courageous Thing. I Asked Her And She Responded.

My friend's mom and dad (they're also my neighbors) went to a topless beach. I also went. At first she was dressed and reluctant to go topless with me around, then 2 days later she said, "Ur a big boy. I can go topless. What happens at the beach stays here."

She became topless. I am filled with lust towards her now. She is beautiful and has nice breasts. But now at home, she is properly covered and decently dressed. The funniest part is that at home, she holds her chest when bending to prevent showing cleavage or part of her breasts.

After the beach, I felt I could talk with her more openly. She is a nice woman. Known her since childhood and my friend's mom. She is the type who would be kind even if u ask hard questions.

I asked, "Why are you covering so much when I have seen you in the beach? Make me curious."

She said, "You still thinking of that. (Smile). 2 reasons why I am expose at the beach. Its a topless beach and the other is I exposed while my husband is around. If you look at me there its fine but not here. Remember I said, what happens at the beach stays there. Same the next time."

I asked, "Can we go again?"

She said, "You really want to don't you? I knew it would have an effect on you, obviously but I thought you would get over it in a day that is why I took off my bra. But now that you have seen, it doesn't matter, we can go again. It was fun."

This is what happened. She answered calmly.

She covers what was already exposed but also says lets go to the beach but does all this with her husband.
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Dec 9, 2012