The Alien

In the film, "Alien", a strange creature comes on board a space ship and wreaks havoc on the crew. In one scene the baby alien that has been gestating in this man's body bursts out of his stomach. I can very much relate to that scene because many years ago, I had a similar experience of having an alien burst out of my stomach.

Picture this scene. My mother and I have just had a row about something and I'm not a happy bunny. She's left some dishes in the sink but because I am pissed I don't feel like doing the washing up. While I'm thinking about not doing the dishes, I feel this Presence rising up inside of me and taking over my body. I feel the Presence moving my body to the kitchen. I watch my hands doing the dishes and stacking the plates. I watch myself cleaning the kitchen. I also notice the surprised look on my mother's face when she realises I've done the chores.

I remember at the time wondering who had done the dishes as it certainly wasn't me.

I believe like the alien - the Presence/my True Self - had been gestating in me until that moment when it was ready to be born. The Presence of Love has been expanding and expanding and getting stronger and stronger.

The Presence pays no attention to someone's behaviour or my feelings about someone's behaviour or beliefs. All it cares about is love. When I've had moments of frustration and anger, the Presence has reminded me of who I am as the "alien" and let Her take over.

Every moment the Presence/alien is actively:

"accepting, admiring, amusing, arranging, amazing, appreciating, astounding, attracting, befriending, believing, blessing, calming, celebrating, comforting, communicating, communing, connecting, controlling, creating, delighting, delivering, directing, dissolving, doing, embracing, empowering, encouraging, energising, enjoying, entertaining, experiencing, exploring, expressing, feeling, forgiving, freeing, fulfilling, giving, growing, guiding, harmonising, healing, illuminating, increasing, influencing, inspiring, liberating, listening, living, loving, manifesting, moving, nourishing, organising, opening, operating, overflowing, overturning, perfecting, planning, playing, prospering, protecting, quickening, radiating, receiving, rejoicing, relating, releasing, relieving, renewing, resolving, restoring, revealing, satisfying, saving, serving, sharing, shining, simplifying, soothing, solving, speaking, strengthening, supplying, supporting, surprising, sustaining, thinking, transforming, uniting, uplifting, willing, and working in every moment through infinite channels - visible and invisible; and independent of channels." ~~ Activating Love - Revisited (See link below)

I let go and let the "alien" take over.

(c) E Joseph


"Activating Love - Revisited":

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Dec 10, 2012