"love Verses" Part Vi

Part Six
When the wedding was prepared for the crown Prince and the Princess, things runs smoothly. But on the other side a man was suffering from being broken hearted. Klein entered a tavern, inside he can hear. They’ve been talking about the royal marriage and words did not turned out pleasing with their mouth. Klein felt spleen and could not take it any longer; he flew into rage shouting, “Hell fire!” he continued, “That man engaged to be married is my cousin. Save your faces, you’ve disrespect the royal family!” he barge the door and went out leaving the people ashamed.
Meanwhile Anna was sitting on a fine cushion inside a chamber. Suddenly she heard somebody below her window calling her name. She went down to meet him. It was Klien, the prince’s cousin. (It was a fierce rivalry of love between the blood consanguinity.)
“Hey! What are you doing here.” She asks excitingly.
“Well I just want to visit you. I have this forbid longing you know? ” he relents.
She smiled, “As far as I’m concern I’m getting married.”
He heaved a sigh, “If it’s not my cousin, I’ll definitely find a way for us to be together. Very well! If something goes wrong with him, I’ll give you a helping hand.”
She was touch by his endearments, “I appreciate your thoughtfulness so much, it is more than I ever expected from you.”
He glances at her and take a softer line, “I’ll be looking to your future together since both of you are dear to me… I’m giving you an allusion to that man, certain matters seem trivia to you may be very important to him … just ask him gently with matters. Down this road you shall permit each other to go some places where you keep up special interest which appeal to you alone, it will help you know each other.”
“Thank you; I appreciate your concern… I’ll be a good wife.” She blushed while uttering the words.
He teased her“May God bless you with many children.”
She pouted, “Pervert!” then they laugh at each other.
He glanced at her and thought; “If you can lose & never give up trying, believe that there’s nothing done in vain. If you only knew the tearing of my heart as I strongly yearns for you.”
A moment later, the butler came in and informed her to see the Prince immediately. As she enters his room, he felt her heart skip a beat. “I suppose my future wife should consider an act of decency with other men!” Prince Kenel was apparently calm but inwardly seething with rage as he utters the words.
“What do you mean?” she asks confusingly.
“Don’t try to be innocent; an engage woman should not flirt with her future in-law!”His tone sounds spleen.
She was shaken, “Your highness… you have the wrong presumption… Klein & I are just friends.”
His eyes dimmed in disbelief, “Go back to your room.”
“I never thought that you are a horrible… please reconsider before deciding to marry me.” The situation distresses her deeply. While she walks out of the room he added, “If a man is around only for good times & disappears the minute adversity looms, beware of him… What he tells you is not worthy of belief.”
“He was a good man, you know it perfectly… He has nothing against you. ” she was supposed to utter those words but nothing came out, then she suddenly felt sorry…
Prince Kenel was about to grab & hug her but his ego was controlling him. He thought; “I’m sorry, I fear of losing you … now that I have come to realize that I am in love with you.”
The prince went to highest turret to ease his anger. It is the place where he releases his feelings. It made him contented. Only on that place he can see the full view of the Kingdom and blissful memories keeps on reminiscing to his mind.

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