" Love Verses" Part 7

Part Seven.
On the night, Klein went to see his cousin. He argues against, “I’ve heard that you scolded Annalisa. I’m afraid she is going to settle for someone she doesn’t deserve.”
“I suppose you don’t have the right to intrude our relationship.” Kenel retorts.
“I have the right since I love that girl, if you won’t gave her up then at least give respect. It seems that she does not know where she sands in your life. If you cannot fix this confusion, I will seize her from you. ” Klein concedes.
“Don’t be bothered”, the prince cave in (I will marry her and make her fall for me.)
“Please take care of her”, his cousin reminds him (or else I will build a grudge on you.)
On the next day, the couple went to the gazebo. While playing her violin the prince proposed to her. He gave her a betrothal ring and a white rose.
The marriage was a dream came true, roses were scattered on the aisle and the huge tiered cake was at the banquet. After the wedding, the newly married couple watched the sunset at the highest tower. There was silence in the room.
“Can you play the violin for me?” he requested.
She did it, but it was devoid of harmony. He wanted to protest but he allowed it. Soon he falls asleep. She was watching him sleeping. He was handsome. She learned by heart that he was a good man. He was fond of children & friendly. He also loved planting trees and swim in the sea. She whispered, “The more I realize something about you, the more highly I think of you…” then she dozed beside him.

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Dec 13, 2012