"love Verses" Part 8

Part 8
Days later the prince needs to leave for an island visit and asks his butler to take care of her dear princess. it took him three months to finish all the matters which cause him to really miss his dear wife. He has formed many plans to know her and make her fall for him.
while walking to surprise his wife, he saw an unexpected scene. his cousin & his wife are in spontaneous gesture of affection. he was in rage that he grab her forcibly and glared at the other man.
" Leave! you, traitor!" he commands furiously while dragging his wife. she was full of grumble as she forcibly tried to release her hand from his grip. he pushes her away.
"you're a wicked woman, cheating on me while I'm away!"
"you have it all wrong, at least let me explain!" she relents.
" I saw with my own eyes, why him of all men?. Everything I have is yours, why not take all of me? but you must be mine alone! "
On the verge of tears she utters, " No wife is in he r right place if she is crushed under the total dominion of a tyrant husband."
"Tyrant? I'm giving you all the luxury of living, you're still alive because of me..."
"But this is not living & it is never marriage --- "she was not able to finish her words, for she does not intend to hurt his him. she turns back at him & lock herself in her room.
Meanwhile Klien went to see the prince to clear everything. the truth is it is a misconception. Klein is going to a personal exile, for he is to give up the rest of his feelings. it will be the best for them both. It turns out that it is only a farewell brotherly gesture.

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