"love Verses" Part 9

Part 9
Annalisa, went to her mother to seek advice. she told her everything including the days when her husband is away & how she missed him.
Her mother pampers her,"My dear do you love your Prince?"
" I love him yet I have not told him... "she bowed in resentment.
"My child, act in love rather than in hostility, your husband felt jealous seeing you with another man while he just came back yearning for you."
" But mother, he always hurt my feelings & never let me explain!"
Her mother glance at her worriedly"That is why, you have to trust each other, whenever you are wounded, try to begin at the point of saying," Perhaps this is his problem." find a way to gain his trust in you. He needs your presence... he needs you."
"Thank you mother. I see that we need to talk to settle our differences."
her mother smiled at her, "and remember dear, If you keep out the tears out of your eyes long enough you may be able to see where he is blind."
After seeking counsel from her mother, she begun looking for clues in his background. She went to see the butler.
they have their conversation at the veranda. the old man utters, " That child has a wayward heart, a heart that has to experience bitterness first, before it learns to fully appreciative of the worthwhile things in life. As the future king he was not permitted the precious little secrets of childhood. his parents were the ones making decision for him long after he should have been making them for himself. at young age he lost his mother and until now he wont admit the death of Her Majesty."
She tightly closed her eyes to pay respect & utter a simple prayer. She thought,"That's why he always look at the sea."
Then the butler continues, "the prince was struggling again with some old conflict which begun long before you knew each other. Sir Klein was once engage wit ha beautiful maiden named Diana, but the Lady was fallen in love with Prince Kenel. She urge Sir Klein to withdraw the engagement." it was a huge disappointment to both parties. But then our price refused her love confession. & because she felt humiliated she tried to kill herself. It was Sir Klein who saved her. After that incident, the two royalty made a truce to never let such hindrances to happen again. The prince is a unique person, you may see that his rudeness hide his kindness. I say to you... you are the most treasured jewel of the Prince."
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