Love Verses : Ending

Part 10
Anna went to see Kenel in the tower. she was about to knock when the door opened. He was dumbfounded and his eyes were problematic.
"I came to see you" she begins, but then he embraced her tightly.
he whispered," I'm sorry, please forgive me."
she did not answer instead she embrace him back. they stare at each other which declares their feelings .
"I'm so happy that you came into my life & made a beautiful world to live in." t he Prince smiled at her as they now watch the sea out side the window.
"Tell me about your first love Kenel, I wont mind..." Anna teased while glancing at him.
He hesitated but conceded, "It was during a summer vacation when I gave a rose to a beautiful girl I have ever seen... I can't remember her name."
She then uttered in slight confusion, "that reminds me of one of my forgotten memories " then suddenly her eyes brightens. she glance at him with slight tease, "It was a farewell rose and her name is Annalisa..."
He was amaze as the memories kept coming back. they look at each other and laugh at their conclusion.
" I thank our Almighty Lord for you and for making my wonderful dream come true of finding a man for a life time." she confessed silently.
They kissed as the moonlight flames their feelings.
"Promise me I won't be be waking up from only a beautiful dream." she whispered softly.
They both sung the harmonic song together, & to her: lyrics which were once broken will tune once more...
***The end***
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Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!