After 11 Years I Still Think Your Snoring Is Cute

I still think your snoring is cute. That bear like growl coming from you, my beloved husband never fails to make me giggle. The way you crush me when you roll over then readjust so that you're hugging me so tight I can barely move a muscle still doesn't make me feel overcrowded in our queen bed. I still don't find the way you stare at me in the morning until I wake up creepy; it still makes my heart skip a beat. Your perpetual cheerfulness does not make me want to choke you yet, and your constant bellowing laughter that shakes the house still makes me want to hug you and never let go. We'll never be too old for you to pick me up and twirl me around, especially when you do it to make me blush in front of our friends. Coddling you like an oversized four year old when you're sick still makes me feel needed and I won't ever tell you that you're getting too old to do stupid stunts to impress the kids. (Because secretly it still impresses me too). I still think you're as sexy as the night we met even if your hair is starting to gray (truth be told it makes you look distinguished). I'll never tire of your secret glances at uptight dinner parties and events; and yes honey, ill always be the Bonnie to your Clyde. I will always thank you in kisses when you change the oil on my car and still get butterflies when I see you shirtless. I still thank God every night for meeting you. Given the chance to go back, I'd still jump out that window and run away to elope with you. Every time.

I still love you like crazy baby.

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Me and my man are the same! It's just sometimes its hard being apart :(


Aww thank you!! :)

Every woman desires for

Yep I sure am :)) I love my husband and my children dearly

I've been banished to the couch for ten years for snoring... I envy your husband the undying love you feel for him..... WAAAAAAHHH!

Awww that's so sad I'm sorry!

Just do me a favor and keep loving him so dearly...

Oh I do. I'm convinced him being gone so much makes me so very grateful for him when he is home

may you be with your hubby all your life be happy for ever .. cute and lovely couple you both are ...

Awww thank you!!

this is breathtakingly beautful...i didnt no.lov like that still exists..please do everything u can to keep this lov fres n strong...u n ur husband both are amazing persons..i wish u both decades of pure lov n eternal happiness...
god bless.

Thank you that means a lot :) God Bless!!

i hope me n my hubby can share the same bond..n i can say the same fr him after being married fr many years.

u will

Awwww, this is so sweet. I hope I find and marry a girl like you. :)

:) thank you. I woke my husband up a while ago to go get a pregnancy test (at 11 pm no less) and they were positive so I felt bad keeping him up all night with my excitement. So I decided to write him something that would make him smile :) you'll find that special someone, probably when you least expect it

You're welcome. Aw, congratulations! I'm sure he will love this story. Thank you, I'll try not to expect her when she comes along, hahaha. ;)

Really though!! My husband and I met at a bar. He could tell I was underaged and decided to be a responsible young man and escort me home (which didnt end up happening) Next thing you know a few weeks later we got married! So really, life's funny like that :) Believe me, he didn't see my gangly teenage self and think "I'm going to fall madly in love with that girl" but...

That's a nice experience. Maybe something like that will happen to me too.

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