"In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins--not through strength but by perseverance." -- H. Jackson Brown

"Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not." ~~Galatians 6:9


Over the last year while I've been going on my long walks, I've been noticing this ginger cat sitting on the steps of this particular flat. When I call out to him, he would either glare at me or run away. I've been sending him lots of love anyway. As the "ice" has been slowly melting, he's been getting curious about me. He's come close enough to sniff my fingers and even let me stroke his head, albeit warily.

While I was walking past the area, I noticed my friend was about to duck underneath a car parked by. It's one of his strategies - hiding underneath a car. When I called out to him, he abandoned the car and walked towards me. He then sniffed my fingers and then let me stroke his head. I said hello and told him he was a beautiful cat.

The front door of the flat opened and a man came out.

"Is this cat yours?" I said.

"Yes. He's a f*cking pain in the arse!" he said

"I really like him. I think he's cute," I said.

"He doesn't usually go near strangers," the man said.

"Well, he's just let me stroke him."

The man beckoned for the cat to come indoors and he ran inside. Before the man shut the door, I asked him what the cat's name was and he told me. I thought the name was really cute. I'm not going to divulge the cat's name as I'd like to protect my friend's anonymity. Ha!

I wonder whether the cat is wary of strangers because his "owner" thinks he's a "pain in the arse"? :-)

Some people are like that cat, very wary and it takes lots of TLC (tender, loving care) and patience to break through the ice. It's well worth it when that breakthrough happens!

That's why, I believe, it's important to never give up on someone you love!

(c) E Joseph

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Dec 15, 2012